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"What's wrong Cas?" He immediately spoke, dropping his phone and sitting up, pulling me to him.

"If it's head is too big Ash could cut my cervix, an epidural needle is huge, the baby isn't going to have a dad, contractions last up to twenty minutes, I could be paralyzed, I could die, my fucking baby could die- I could have to choose between my own life and my baby's life, I can't do this cal" I cried out, making him immediately pull me into his chest.

"Baby, birth is scary- and it's risky, but it's nothing that you aren't capable of doing, that's what your body was built to do" he spoke.

I didn't stop crying into his chest.

"You don't have to worry about choosing your life over anything, I'll be sure neither of you are at a risk of anything."

I felt his hand rest on my belly, making the baby immediately kick lightly, making me laugh lightly through the tears.

"Yeah- mommy is upset, hu?" He spoke, rubbing in circles gently, making the baby move more and more.

"She's okay now- your little movements immediately made her stop crying" he whispered, kissing the bump gently.

"I think it's a boy" he spoke with a smile.

"Ash does too" I spoke, wiping my cheeks from the tears.

"You're carrying higher- which usually means boy, but you can't always be sure" he spoke.

"What do you want?" He asked.

I shrugged lightly, never putting much thought into whether I wanted a boy or girl.

"I'd be happy with either" I spoke, seeing him smile.

"Just wanting a healthy baby" he finished, making me nod.

The door was suddenly pushed open- Brantley running in, full of energy.

"Casey!" He yelled out suddenly, making me look fully to him.

Ashton ran in right after him, chasing him- which made me realize why he was yelling.

Ashton lifted Brantley into his arms, hugging him into his chest.

Ashton eyes met me, his eyebrows immediately moving together.

"Why the red puffy eyes?" He questioned.

"Birth worries" Calum summed up for me, rubbing my shoulders gently.

"What are you worried about?"

"The entire thing."

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