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I sat in pure shock as I watched the video.

"Sometimes, the doctor will have to cut your cervix to get the baby out due to the amount of space and size of the baby, but it's still better than a C-section" the male spoke.

I didn't want to have this baby anymore.

Once the video finished, they turned the lights on and I turned, looking to Luke

"I don't want to fucking do this." I spoke.

"You're fine- that's only extreme situations, and you won't even know if something like that happens." He spoke, kissing my temple gently.

"Let's talk about epidurals"

They passed around an epidural needle, making everyone look at it.

"Luke I fucking hate this" I spoke, watching him pass it to the next couple.

"You're fine"

The group thankfully moved to pressure points and massages to relieve pain.

"Okay dads, your partner will be laying on her side and you'll simply push her back, don't be scared to push hard- it'll be very relaxing during a contraction" she spoke as they all walked around, observing the dads pushing the moms back.

Nick should be here with me.

We finished that exercise and moved to a few different ones, and soon I was sitting on a yoga ball, like crouched in front of me, holding my hands.

"You're supposed to be rocking, now bouncing" he laughed out as I bounced lightly on the ball, making me stop bouncing, just rocking.

"I'm bored" I whispered to him as the guy walked past.

"We should've just let Ashton tell us this shit"

"To conclude class, we give you something to think about" the girl spoke.

"Remember, things can go wrong during any pregnancy, in the instance that you have to choose yourself or the baby- you need to weigh out all the pros and cons" she spoke, making Luke immediately stand

"Lets go" Luke rushed me, grabbing all of our things.

"They aren't supposed to do this bullshit"

"That was completely bullshit- you have ten pregnant women and there and you're going to scare the shit out of them by saying you need to have it made up in you mind whether you want to die or whether your baby dies?" Luke ranted as we got into the car.

"For an emergency" I spoke, seeing him look to me

"Don't even think about that- everything is going to be perfectly fine- there will be no choosing between the two of you, we are getting both." He spoke, squeezing my knee, making me nod.

We ended up going home, where I went straight to Calum's room- thankful that my mom wasn't home.

"How was the class baby?" He immediately spoke.

"I can't do this"

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