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(y/n pov)

You walked down the stairs, tightening your ponytail. Checking it in the mirror on the way down, you smiled at yourself. You hadn't gotten ready like this in months now. Setting your purse on the kitchen table, you began to take out all the things you didn't need today. Baby wipes, extra diapers, baby spoons, so much that made your purse so much lighter.

"Come back here buddy," You looked up to see Ethan sitting with his feet stretched out in front of him. You watched him pull your son back into his as he tried to crawl away. You smiled. He looked up at you and smiled. "Ready?" He asked.

You sighed and walked over to the carpet. You kneeled down next to Ethan as Gray looked up at you. Ethan pecked you on the lips and you smiled. "Why don't you guys come too?" Ethan shook his head.

"This is your day." Ethan said. Gray stood up on his legs and tugged at Ethan's t-shirt. "Go buy and do whatever you want. Today's about you." You rolled your eyes and smiled.

"Do you need anything?" You asked. Ethan grabbed a toy car and handed it to Gray to get his hands off of him. He shook his head.

"You're not grocery shopping, babe." You went over to the kitchen to get your purse and keys. "I'll do that on Saturday with the little guy." You smiled, and walked over, putting your purse over your shoulder.

"Bye Ethan." You kissed him as Gray pulled on your leggings. You leaned over and kissed his forehead, brushing his short hair with your fingers. "Bye baby."

You smiled and walked to the front door. Pulling on your shoes you opened the door. "Bye, babe!" You heard Ethan shout from the living room.



Walking into the mall entrance, you didn't know what to do first. It was your first time shopping alone in over a year. Even when you were pregnant with Gray, Ethan never let you go by yourself. Sighing you pulled out your phone. You pulled up Ethan's contact and called him. It rang for a while, as you walked aimlessly around the mall. You smiled as he picked up.

"Hey baby, how's it going?" You asked. No answer. You checked to see if he'd actually answered. He had. The numbers were going up. "Hello? Ethan?" No answer again.

You held the phone to your ear. You heard heavy breathing and almost started to panic. "Whatcha doing with my phone bud." You hear Ethan's voice from far away. You smiled. Gray had the phone. You heard moving as Ethan took the phone from Gray's hands. "Babe?" He said.

You smiled and walked into H&M. "Hey," You said. You walked over to the first rack. "What happened?" You asked.

"No, so I went to get him one of those, uh, I forget what they're called." He paused. You pulled out a t-shirt. "Those cracker things? The ones that taste good." He said.

You laughed. "You ate one?" You asked. You heard a small laugh in the back, Gray laughing as he ate the cookie.

"I mean, I had to taste it." You laughed again and so did he. "So why'd you call?" He asked. You put the shirt over your arm, deciding you'd get it.

"I don't know what to do." You said. You smiled as a little girl waved at you from her stroller. You waved back. "I wish you were here."

"Y/N, jheez. Go to Starbucks, then hit up a bunch of clothing stores. You're fine. Just buy what you want, and have fun." He said. You smiled. "Aren't you sick of me anyway?" You let out a laugh.

"True." You decided to get a pair of jeans and walked across the store. "Okay, have fun with Gray, baby." You said.

"Alright, bye babe." He said. You heard him call Gray back and you smiled once again.

"Bye E."


You walked into the house, setting the few bags you had by the stairs. Walking to the kitchen you set your purse and keys down. You looked over to see Ethan lying on the floor. Asleep, with Gray on his chest. You smiled as you heart filled with content.

You walked over and sat cross-legged next to them. You watched the way Gray raised up and down with every breath Ethan took. Gray's mouth was slightly open and Ethan's loud breathing filled the room. You let your fingers run through Ethan's hair. You smiled as his eyes slowly opened.

"Ba-by." He started to talk but, then realized Gray was sleeping and began to whisper. "Hi." He whispered. You smiled.

Ethan pulled a hand from around Gray to run through his hair. "Hi." You whispered back. He looked at the clock.

"Did you have fun, love?" He asked. You smiled as he rested his hand on your leg.

You shrugged. "Come with me next time." You said. He smiled and grabbed his phone from the floor. Checking for notifications, he put it back down and looked up at you. He smiled up at you.

"Okay, just us. We'll give Grayson the little guy next time." You smiled and nodded. "I'm going to put him upstairs, and I'll help you make dinner?" He whispered. You nodded.

Wrapping his arms around Gray he sat up. Pecking you on the lips he stood up slowly, careful not to wake Gray up. He winked at you before heading upstairs, your baby in his arms. You smiled as your heart filled with happiness. 

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