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Peters pov:

Today was Tony's birthday and we were going out to eat at his favorite restaurant. Steve and I worked together to get Tony a present. We got him a custom made T-shirt. It says " Ironman more like iron dad," with a picture of Tony on it. I think he's going to like it. At least I hope he does.

" you ready pete?" Cap asks me.

" yeah," I answer. Tony doesn't know about his surprise yet though. He probably thinks we forgot because we haven't even said happy birthday to him. To be honest I bet he forgot his own birthday because he's always so busy.

" alright let's go get him," Cap suggests.

We then head to Tony's lab to tell him that I have a math o con [ sorry if I'm saying it wrong] today and that I want him to come. It was the only thing I could think of as a cover up.

" alright let's go," Cap says once he enters Tony's lab.

" where we going?" Tony asks with confusion and panic as he didn't want to leave his lab.

" to Peters math o con," Cap answers.

Tony gives us a look of shock before saying " look at you already becoming a genius just like me,"

Cap and I both chuckle at Tony's statement before telling him that we really got to get going.

Soon enough we all made it in the car with happy driving. Tony is completely oblivious to what's about to happen. I just hope it's enough. After everything he's done for me I don't think I can ever do enough. At first I wasn't very excited about this new arrangement but now I think it's all for the better. Maybe one day they will find out what I can do and just maybe I might get the chance to become an avenger.

Soon enough we were at the restaurant. Once happy stopped the car Tony's face turns to a conflicted and confused expression. Both Cap and I smirk at that.

" alright we're here," Cap announces.

" uhh this doesn't look like no math o con to me," Tony states.

" happy birthday!!!" Cap and I say at the same time.

" it's my birthday today?" Tony asks with realization.

" yeah now come eat at your favorite restaurant with your favorite people and actually take a break," Cap says with a hint of sarcasm.

We all walk in and i can tell he's excited about this. He's trying hard not to show it but I can see that small smile.

" so you aren't apart of the math o con?" Tony asks with slight disappointment.

" no I am it just isn't today," I answer seeing his expression rise up again.

" good we need more people like you and me," Tony answers proudly. We all chuckle at Tony's cockiness. That's when I see someone familiar run past the window we were sitting next to. It was that red and black masked guy that helped me out last time.

" uhh excuse me," I say getting up causing confusion to hit both Tony and Caps face.

" where you going kiddo?" Tony asks.

" uhh just to the bathroom," I quickly answer before leaving. I was not going to the bathroom however. Instead I was going to catch that guy. The reason I was able to recognize him was because he still had his suit on. Maybe I should put on mine to so he will recognize me. Luckily I brought it with me.

I then quickly change into my suit in a hidden alley before heading the same direction I saw the guy go.

Soon enough I caught up to him. He was simply just sitting on the edge of a building while eating a sandwich. Well that makes it easy for me. I walk over to him before greeting him with " I need to talk to you."

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