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We all sat downstairs, I rubbed my eyes tiredly- seeing Luke suddenly look to me

"Bro, can we take one of those expecting labor classes?" He asked quickly.

"What?" I spoke slowly.

"Like, you go and they teach you breathing skills and how to get a little more comfortable during pregnancy" he spoke.

"Luke, I'm a OBGYN- I can literally teach you all of that right now" Ashton spoke, raising his eyebrows.

"But I want to do it for real- I'm signing us up for it" he mumbled, opening his computer, making me laugh lightly.

"do you have any plans tomorrow?"


The next day

Luke and I walked into the building, myself immediately grabbing Luke's arm.

We checked in at the receptionist.

"Okay, you two will be in room five, the other couples will show how we told them to sit- but mom you will sit flat and dad you go right behind her, your legs on both sides of her" she spoke, making me immediately laugh as Luke looked to me.

"Is it too late to back out, Dad?" I questioned with a smile.

"Yes, we're going to have an amazing time, mom"

We went into the room, choosing a mat that we both liked the color of.
I sat, feeling Luke immediately sit behind me, his hands resting on my belly.

"Let's make it our mission to trick every couple in this building that we're the best couple in here" He spoke quietly, making me laugh lightly

"Go for it"

Soon a guy and a girl entered, both with bright and big smiled as if they were so excited for this day.

"Good morning future parents!" The girl spoke out cheerfully.

"So to start the day off, we're going to watch a video on natural birth and throughout it I'm going to explain the baby directing from where it's sitting to the birth canal" she spoke.

"Jesus Christ" I whispered to myself, feeling Luke push me back into his chest.

"We should've left a few minutes ago"

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