Chapter 24

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                                Shaurya buried his head into his palms and sat dubiously. A well-intended effort to make Mehek glad, unluckily turned into a disaster. Another mishap from his side that led to a tragic consequence. Past few hours were chaotic. He could only recall Sonal's scream for help while he returned back home. Along with others, he ran towards the room and found Mehek fainting in Sonal's arms. "Mehek!!!", he cried out and pulled her into his arms. Even when she was slipping in and out of consciousness, Mehek smiled weakly. "You...came...You came...back", she whispered but loud enough for him and Sonal to understand. "I never left, Mehek", he kissed her forehead, "I will never leave". Soon she closed her eyes and became lifeless in his arms. "She is bleeding", Sonal cried out again. He couldn't recall anything further with clarity. Vaguely he recalled Harpreet Aunty shouting at them to take Mehek to clinic and him carrying Mehek in his arms till the car. Fortunately they managed to reach the clinic at the earliest.

Dr. Harpreet came out and looked unhappy. They all rushed to her side to know about Mehek's condition. "She is fine", she told them and looked at Shaurya, "Baby is also good". They all breathed in relief but Harpreet spoke again, "It was close one. We need to be extremely careful with her health until delivery else it may be dangerous for baby and Mehek". They understood and moved away talking among themselves. Harpreet patted his shoulder before leaving him alone. Shaurya instructed Nehal to take back his father, Manju and Sonal  to the bungalow. He knew all were awake whole night and needed rest. He insisted to stay back and Dr.Harpreet also agreed to it. She knew it will be huge solace for Mehek once she finds him beside after waking. As they all left, Shaurya sank back into the uncomfortable hospital chair. He sent a silent prayer to almighty for protecting Mehek and his child. A warm hand fell on his shoulder and he saw Sonal standing beside him. 

He gave a weak smile. "I know you are hurt but forgive me I don't feel any sympathy to you. Infact I would say it's your karma", Sonal's words pricked him and he looked away. "I am sorry", she apologized, "but I need to be blunt. If I were in Mehek's place, I would never have forgiven you", she sighed, "But then our Mehek is Mehek; an unique piece. You had scarred her. Sadly it is still haunting her and you are also affected. Nevertheless she loves you. So please listen to her patiently and don't act in haste". It was evident from Sonal's words that she still held a deep grudge against him. He deserved it and didn't complain but nodded to her suggestion. "Call me if you need anything", she told before parting ways. "Thanks Sonal", he told her softly. She smiled at him, "I admire you perseverance. You made her give you another chance. It's clear that you love her. Just keep up your good effort and don't act stupid again".

"Sh....Shau...Shaur...shaurya...", Mehek took his name with great difficulty. Shaurya who was snoozing beside her, quickly woke up and held her hand. "Mehek, I am here. No need to worry", he told her clearly. Mehek looked around and understood that she was in hospital. "Baby?", she asked immediately, placing her hand on her belly. "She is fine. You are fine. It's all are good. So relax and take rest", he consoled her. Soon tears started to fall from her eyes and he shushed her. "Don't cry, my Love. It's not good for you. Go back to sleep", he caressed her face until she fell asleep again.

It has been a day since Mehek was admitted in hospital. Manju, Sonal and Happy Chachi, they all took turns to give her round the clock care. Shaurya never left her side even for a second. He reassured her that everthing is fine and will be fine. He looked tired and lack of sleep was evident from eye bags on his face. Mehek had asked him to rest but he refused. She badly needed to talk to him but failed since they couldn't be alone. Sensing her distress, he gave her an understanding nod, ensuring that they will talk it out in due time.

Another night in hospital. Manju offered to stay with her but Mehek send her back. She instructed Manju to ensure all are fed properly and stay comfortably in their bungalow. Manju left halfheartedly. Shaurya entered with a tray of food. "Food here is pathetic. We should have asked Shankar to bring dinner from home", he talked calmly while lifting a spoonful of rice to Mehek. She refused to eat and looked into his eyes. She could vividly read the pain that he was hiding under fake cheerfulness. "We need to talk", she whispered timidly. "Later. Now eat", he offered her food again and made her take it. "Shauyra, please let me talk. I am sorry I hurt you", she spoke fast while chewing. "It's okay. I am not bothered. Atleast not anymore. All that matters is you and our baby", he fed her another spoonful of rice. 

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