Chapter Ten.

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Dani's POV.

I woke up early, my phone kept ringing, I answered before it could wake up Dallas.

- Hello? - I said.

- Dani? Hi baby! - Ashley said.

- Hi Ash! How are you? - I asked.

- I'm good, how about you? How's the family? - she asked.

- They're great I guess... - I said thinking about Demi.

- You guess? Are they treating you well? - she asked concerned.

- Yes, it's just... One of my sisters, Demi, she doesn't want me here... - I said.

- Oh baby, she's probably tired or something, she's been working a lot this year - she said.

- How do you know that? - I asked confused.

- Well, she's Demi Lovato, everybody knows her haha - she said giggling.

- Yeah I guess - I said.

- You guess a lot of things Dani! - she said.

- Oh shut up! - I said.

- hahaha okay baby, I have work to do and I suppose you have to get ready for school so I'll call you later - she said.

- okay, thanks Ash, love you - I said.

- love you too baby - she said and hung up.

I checked the time in my phone, an hour and a half before school, good.

No one had woken up yet, so I decided to make breakfast, it was the least I could do after all they're doing for me.

Breakfast was ready after 20 minutes, I ate just a little, the food is still a problem for me, I took a bath and got dressed, something simple, I'm not a girly girl so I put just a little of make up, brushed my hair and put my favorite beanie.

Then, I went to Maddie's room to see if she was ready.

I knocked on the door.

- It's open! - she yelled from inside.

- Hey - I said coming in. - You ready?

- Hey, Yeah, I'm almost done here - she said writing something.

- Are you doing your homework? - I asked.

- Yeah, I totally forgot hahaha - she said laughing.

- Hahah Did you have breakfast? - I asked laughing too.

- No, but I'm fine. - she said.

- Go have breakfast, I'll finish it for you. - I said.

- What about you? - she asked.

- I already ate - I said.

- okay, thanks Dani - she said smiling and walking out the room.

I finished her homework and went downstairs where everybody was.

- Morning everyone - I said with a smile.

- Morning - they said.

- Thanks for breakfast sis - Dallas said smiling.

- No problem - I said smiling back.

- You shouldn't have bothered honey. - Dianna said.

- No, it's okay, you're letting me stay here, that's the least I could do. - I said.

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