Asra the Magician [part one]

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the soft sound of rain echoed throughout my shop as I continued to tidy up the back room. the last client of the night had left and not a moment too soon, storms always did make me sleepy. it was very common for Asra and I to close during these stormy nights, opting to spend the night cuddled up under the covers instead seeking comfort in each other's bodies. a sigh escaped me as I realized it had been weeks since I last felt his hands exploring my body. weeks of deprivation from his commanding touch, his dominant aura and my unraveling. even if I wanted to disobey his orders and chase my release by my own hands I knew the effect would never be the same. lost in my thoughts, I hadn't even heard or sensed that I was no longer alone. hands wrapped around my waist tugging me backwards so quickly I dropped my broom instantly. before a scream could escape me, a rough palm covered my mouth. just as rapidly as fear gripped my body, a new emotion took its place as the identity of my assailant seeped into my consciousness. I could identify this energy anywhere, my master had returned to me - this revelation did nothing to steady my thumping heart beat. a wave of arousal overtakes me as his hand descends from my lips to my neck, slowly brushing my hair aside. hot, open mouthed kisses trace the column of my neck and I have to force myself to not buckle in his arms.

"did you miss me, my love?" he whispers onto my skin, eliciting a whimper from me.

his melodic laughter reaches my ears, and a smile begins to take shape on my face at the beautiful sound.

"let's just see how much..." he trails off as his expert fingers slip under my dress and into my underwear.

he and I both knew that I was soaked from the moment his body pushed up against mine, I was a weak mess when it came to him and there was no use in denying it.

"so fucking wet, Karina. tell me, did you follow my orders in my absence?" he asked with a note of dominance seeping into his tone.

another whimper ripped through me as he traced my entrance but did not enter me. so focused on the prospect of his fingers, I didn't take note of his other hand weaving into my hair until he gripped with so much force I winced at the action.

"answer me, did you touch what is mine while I was away?" he said through clenched teeth, taking my lack of answer as defiance.

"n-no, Master. I did as you- you-asked." I answered, as a tear escaped my eye.

satisfied with my answer, he eased his grip on my hair just as he plunged a finger into my opening simultaneously. I gasped at the intrusion and raised my hips in an attempt for more.

"such a good little slut. look at how desperately you clench me, I can't wait to reward you" he spoke into the crook of my neck before removed his hand from me completely.

I turned in his arms until we were face to face and threw my arms around him lovingly

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I turned in his arms until we were face to face and threw my arms around him lovingly. he trailed kisses along my face until he reached my lips gently.

"I want you upstairs, naked and waiting for me. I will be up in a few, okay?" he questioned and I nodded in response before running excitedly to our bedroom. it had been WEEKS, and I knew from just the heated gaze that followed my movements up the stairs that a long night was ahead of us.

I quickly did as I was commanded and stripped naked in mere seconds. excitement and intense arousal flooded my senses and my entire body shook with nervous energy for what was to come. every experience with Asra regardless of how many we had catalogued after so many years was just as exciting as the last. I sank to my knees at the foot of our bed and awaited his arrival in my usual position. he had not given further instruction and as tempting as disobeying was, I did not want to cause any delay. my Magician owned my orgasms, this he had made abundantly clear throughout our time together and there was no way I was going to risk a denial punishment tonight. I felt him before I could see him, he took his sweet time in his ascent to our bedroom - no doubt prolonging my suffering on purpose. I held in the smirk that threatened to arise on my face, my master - ever the tease. by the time he made it to the top of the stairs, I had to avidly force myself to stay still. the anticipation was weaving its way throughout my body, slight tremors working their way through my extremities. if I wasn't careful, the cracks in my patient facade would show and although right now I was playing the role of submissive I was definitely still deathly stubborn in nature. I focused on my breathing and attempted to steady myself as I felt him come to a stop a foot or so in front of me.

"what a beautiful sight" he purred as he closed the distance and began to stroke my hair.

pure unadulterated happiness bloomed in my chest at the action, his approval meant everything to me. with my eyes cast down, I longed to meet his gaze but I knew better than to do so while we were in the middle of a scene. soft material met me as I came to realize Asra's intentions, the blindfold settled comfortably around my face as one of my senses was denied me. it was not uncommon for sensory deprivation to be a part of our playtime. although, I loathed not being able to see his lust for me swirling in his amethyst eyes, I had to admit I had come to love this game. this in itself was never a punishment, as long as I still had free reign to touch him I was quite alright. with the blindfold secured, I now had to rely on my other senses. I could feel his energy dancing along my exposed skin as he took a moment to admire me in my current state. carefully, as if I was made of glass, he scooped me off of the floor and laid me out on our bed. the storm continued to grow in severity, as my frustration did as well. if I had to go another second without his lithe body on mine I would surely go mad. thankfully, it seemed he was in tune with my emotions because at that moment I felt him climbing up my body until his breath mingled with my own. with no way to see his face I had to concentrate on all the other ways I could drink in this moment. the softness of his curls as they caressed my cheeks, the heat of his lips as they floated over my own. the rhythmic thumping of his heart beat as his chest rises in sync with mine. the sensations of his rough chest against my painfully erect nipples. I felt him against my lower stomach, twitching ever so slightly clearly wanting for more but holding onto the intensity of this first.

"do you feel it, Karina? the magnetic pull, the suffocating attraction flowing from within..." he whispers against my mouth.

my entire body shivers at the softness in his tone, and I subconsciously respond in earnest. not with words, but with my movements as I wrapped my legs around his hips bringing him even closer to me. he presses one soft kiss to my lips before descended upon my ear. one small swipe of his tongue and I gasped out my surprise.

"do you know how badly I want you, my love? how difficult it is to be away from you for so long.. all I can think of as I lay awake at night is how much I would rather be buried inside of you forever.. would you like that, Karina?" he rasps as he punctuates his question with a slight twist of his hips.

"oh God, yes please" I respond. the tension was reaching a fever pitch and I thought I would snap at any second.

"tell me what you want from your Master, anything you want - it's yours" he states as he takes my ear lobe into his mouth.

"please Master, I want you so badly" I moaned out just as he pushed himself even further against me.

I could feel his self control slipping with every thrust of his body, just a small movement and he'd be inside of me where we both desperately needed him to be.

"please fuck me, I need it. I need you Asra" I begged and with that, he finally snapped.

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