Part 4

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Khushi looked into his eyes which were drowned in the pool of Agony and anger.

She felt needles piercing in her heart when a lone tear rolled down his cheeks and fell on the ground noiselessly.

"Kyon kiya yeh sab?? (Why you did all this??)" He asked in a strong voice.

"Hum aapke sawalon ka jawab dena jaruri nahin samajhte, Mr Raizada... (I don't feel it necessary to answer your question, Mr Raizada...)" She said looking straight into his eyes.

"Yeh mere sawalon ka jawab nahin hai Khushi. (This is not the answer to my question, Khushi.)" He said and she looked away with a gulp feeling desperateness to know the truth in his voice.

"Kyon?? Kyon dein hum aapko aapke in sawalon ka jawab? Aap lagte kaun hai hamare? (Why?? Why should I even answer your question? Who are you to me?)" She asked with tears rolling down her cheeks.

yeh sab karna hamare liye ab aur mushkil mat kijiye Arnav ji... (Don't make it more difficult for me than it already is Arnav ji..)

She thought wriggling her arms in his hold.

"Kuch nahi lagta na mai tumhara, to tumhe fark kyo padh raha hai?? Kyu ek nami si chaayi hai tumhari aankhon mein? (I am nothing to you right, then why are you being affected? Why are your eyes glistening with tears??)" He asked wiping her tears with his thumbpad.

"Chhodiye hamein Arnav ji, dard ho raha hai hamein! (Leave me Arnav ji, it's hurting me!)" She said wriggling her arms to free herself from his grip which was now twisted behind her back.

"Dard ho raha hai tumhe, tu us dard ka kya Jo tum mujhe yahan... (It's hurting you, then what about the pain that you gave me here...)" He said poking on his chest," Mere Dil ko derahi ho?? (To my heart??)"

"Chote!!" Anjali whimpered.

"No di! Don't stop me today!" He said shaking his head and Anjali muffled her sobs and Akash held her.

Nk looked at the entire scene with teary eyes. He knew that It was getting too much difficult for Khushi to handle this version of Arnav.

Then next what he saw fueled his anger.

There stood Shyam making faces as if he was impressed.

He clenched his fist in anger and disgust.

"To batao Khushi, kyun Kiya ja sab aur haan, mujhe sirf aur sirf Sach sunna hai!! (So tell me, Khushi why you did this, and I just want truth!!)" He asked loosening his hold on her.

Removing his grip off her completely she spoke ,"Kehne aur sunne ke liye kuch nahi bacha hai, Jo dikh raha hai wahi Sach hai. Aur agar aap main Sach ko apna ne ki takat nahi hai to isme hamara Koi kasoor nahi hai! (There is nothing left to speak or hear, whatever you are saying is only the truth. And if you don't have the capacity to accept the truth that is not my fault!)" She said taking a step back and looking away.

The guptas looked on to the scene with a lot of confusion. They didn't knew what was actually going on except for those who knew it were too heartbroken to react.

At one point where they were too happy with the revelation of his love and the next instant everything was shattered.

It felt as if it was just a nightmare. A nightmare meant to be forgotten.

"Agar yeh Sach hai to uska Kya Jo tumhare aankhon mein dikh raha hai? (if this is what the truth is then why your r depicting something else?)" He asked stepping closer to her.

"Why can I see a tinge of helplessness and pain in your eyes??" He asked making her to face him.

She looked into his eyes to see him trying to read her expressions.

She immediately composed herself and said "It's getting over now! Just stop with all this drama..."

And turned to leave but he held her back.

"Don't leave the matter in middle and go!"

"Arnav stop mishandling her!" Nk warned seeing Khushi's helplessness and desperateness to leave.

"you don't have to teach me the way I should behave with her!" He retorted back angrily.

"I will. I bloody will, because I have the right to do so! She is my wife..." Nk shouted.

Arnav took glance at her and saw the mangalsutra adorning her neck.

"Kyun ki yeh shaadi tumne? (Why did you get married?)" He asked.

"Why do you even care if I got married or no it's my life I will do whatever I want..." She shouted.

"I do care because I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!! " He shouted jerking her closer, his voice booming in the mansion shocking everyone to the core.

The guptas gasped at this revelation while those who knew looked on sadly.

Her breathe stuck in her throat during his confession.

Though he never confessed but she always knew that he loved her, just by looking into his eyes.

But today when he himself confessed his love for her in words she was out of the world.

Tears of happiness filled in her eyes as she looked on to him.

Lips quivered in order to form words but she couldn't speak.

She raised her hand to cup his cheek but Shyam evil smile halted her movements.

He looked at her with a devilish look which alerted her.

Clenching her fist she withdrew her hand back but Arnav already saw her doing so.

"Hum... Hum aapse pyar nahi karte, Suna Apne! Nahi karte hum aapse pyar... (I... I don't love you, did you get that! I just don't love you...)" She shouted right on his face.

Shashi smiled sadly knowing the truth behind her lies.

"Jhooth!! (Lie!)" He said straightly.

"Hoto pe kuch aur in aankhon mein kuch! Tumhari yeh Aankhen Sara Sach bayan kar rahi hai Khushi... (Ur lips and eyes doesn't match in words! Your eyes speaking volumes if truth, Khushi...)" He said caressing her cheek with his knuckles.

She gulped hard to supress her tears hearing his desperate voice.

"Khud Ko itni takleef mat do Khushi! (Don't hurt yourself this much Khushi!)" He whispered resting his forehead against her.

"Koi takleef nahi Koi Dard nahin! (There's nothing to hurt or pain!)" She whispered back and pulled out.

"You and I are not meant to be. I am married now so just forget me!" She said her eyes stinging  with tears.

"Aur aur itna jaldi aap is sach ko manlai utna hi aap ke liye ye behtar hoga

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"Aur aur itna jaldi aap is sach ko manlai utna hi aap ke liye ye behtar hoga... (And accepting the truth as soon as possible will be better for you...)" She asked looking at him with teary eyes and ran upstairs to Nk's room with Nk following her back.

Arnav looked at her disappearing form with unknown emotions in his eyes.

You can lie to the entire world but not me Khushi.


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