Chapter 2: UNIT

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>>> Outside the Bank

Sirens. With police men, blocking the citizens, who is in awe, by the massive blue force field, that can be seen far away, about 10 hundred miles away. Right on the staircase, which is outside on one of the biggest bank in history, are rails, fences, with rusty metals, with cops, looking in front of the citizens. Panicking, some is which confused. Right outside though, came a green tent, with computers inside. "We need to call him" The General said, "we tried" the guard replies, "where is he?" She said.

>>> To The Doctor and Jenny

Both running, they run, straight, toward that blue cover Bank. "Doctor, is that the thing!" She shouts, "probably!" He shouts back. They encounter, some police cars, with their sirens getting tune, their top blinking from blue to red. Across the daylight, you can clearly see it, that big blue dome, covering the whole entire building. The Doctor can hear the screams, but not terrified screams, more screams of awe, nothing they have ever seen before.

UNIT is probably here

He thought, running, missing some cars, making a huge traffic. He can hear the beeping of the cars, their loud sound of horns.

They stop. Looking directly at the covered glowing dome bank. "UNIT is probably here" he said, "UNIT?" She said, raising an eyebrow, "i use to work with them" he replies, "ATMOS" he looks at Jenny, "remember that?" He ask, "i don't have one" she replies, "good" he said. He stare directly at it, with such a good view, for a crowded and panic place. Approaching one of the cops, who is covering his path, "sorry sir, you can't get closer" The Cop said, with his hand blocking The Doctor's face, "i am looking for UNIT" he said, in a authorize tone, "UNIT?" The Cop said, lowering his hand, "what's your name?" The Cop ask, in a suspicious tone of a voice, "John Smith, but you can call me The Doctor" he said, in a Gentleman voice. The Cop raise his eyes, took out his Speaker, "General" he said, staring at The Doctor, "he's here" he said, "The Doctor?" She said, in the speaker, "affirmitive" The Cop replies back. 

"He's calling you" he said, "great" The Doctor replies, with a capturing smile. The Cop, escorts The Doctor and his new companion, toward the panic and confused crowd. All, calling from their phones, The Doctor can see, Vans that has a word in it

'BBC News '

Standing, directly looking at the Cameras, with their Microphone on. "Please, all of you, make way" The Cop said, "they're not gonna listen" The Doctor replies. Mostly interrupted, by the muffled, unorganized noises, like something in a Apocalypse would happen, except its not, well not yet. They're getting near, toward a almost empty parking lot, just near The Bank, but it's where most of the people wouldn't go. The Doctor can see it, that green huge tent, with computers outside, men with guns, in camaflauge suits, messy wires, laying on the floor and a Antenna on the floor.

Yep, this is really UNIT

He thought

Standing outside, with echoes of the panic sounds behind him. Jenny turn behind her, "so, that much?" She ask, "about one thousand people" The Doctor said, also observing the pack of people. "I don't remember this happening" Jenny said, "that because it didn't" The Doctor replies back, "but it's there" she said, leaning at The Doctor and pointing her hand to the event, "it's happening" she said.
Though, with the now supposed panic Jenny, The Doctor stayed calm, because he is calm, he knows that this event didn't really happened, it's not even supposed to happen, but it's right there, in front of him.

The General left the tent, with his stick, eyes of authority, that almost white hair, serious but humorous face, his green suit and green pants, and his bright yellow badge. "You must be The Doctor" The General said, "yes" he replies, "and you're The General" he added, he chuckles and create a subtle smile, "General Carl" The General introduce, saluting in front of The Doctor, "what's with you Soldiers and Salutes" he said, "Brigadier would be shock" Carl said, "why?" The Doctor ask, "you're face" Carl said, in a odd tone, "oh" he replies, "he always hate it, when that happens" he said, "follow me" Carl said, in a serious tone. Entering The Tent, Jenny can hear the beeping noise of The Computers, she can see, Scientists in white coats, glasses, sitting on a black, wheeled chair, staring at the computers, squinching their eyes and pushing their glasses back. "Where is Brigadier, anyway" The Doctor ask, looking at some computers, "he's in retirement" Carl said, "oh, forgot its 1999" The Doctor said, "anyway" Carl said, "we still don't know, why an extra -" Carl is then interrupted by The Doctor, correcting him, "its not Alien" The Doctor said, he sits down on one of the chairs, right in front of the computer, "then, what is it?" Carl ask, "it's human works" he said, typing at the keyboard, "how did you know?" Carl ask, "it's obvious" he replies, focusing his typing on the desktop, not looking on the keyboard, "there are dark coils, all around tbe building" he said, "dark coils?" Carl ask, "you can call it ' Force Field Wires ' " he said,  "like what, the wires carry some Force Fields?" Carl ask, "no" he scoffs, "it harness electricity, that is then dispersed from one place, ex: Sheffield's bank" he said, still typing at the computer.

"At this moment, i am pretty sure i am in some Science Lab" Jenny said, "really?" The Doctor ask, "ya, its a lab called" she stops, "called what?" The Doctor ask, "Torchwood" she said. The Doctor looks at her, not leaning, not gazing, he turn his head, stopping his typing from the keyboard, "Torchwood?" He ask, "ya, some lab, just outside Sheffield" she said, "impossible" The Doctor replies, "why?" Jenny ask, "Torchwood is in London" he said, "but, i am in London" she said, tilting her face with a raise eyebrow, "really?" He ask, "yea, didn't i tell you, like an hour ago" she said. He stops, silence took place, nothing but an awkward silence, with the sounds of the computers, ringing. "No" he said, "that's weird" she said, "of course i remember it" he replies, "i am only testing you" he added, "testing me?" She ask, angrily, "yes" he replies, "why?" She ask, "because it's fun" he said.

Then, the desktop beeps, forming a green pattern of codes, going from symbols to symbols.

Then, the desktop beeps, forming a green pattern of codes, going from symbols to symbols

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"What's happening?" Carl ask. In a panic, The Doctor turns back to the computer, focusing once more, "we're -" he stops, "im sorry" he said, "i hack into the CCTV of The Bank" he added, with that feeling of arrogant, confidence but in a selfish tone, with a arrogant smile.

I really wanna hit your face

Jenny thought, making a annoyed face. "Where is it, then?" She ask, "it's just loading" he replies, "about", he put his pointing finger up, open his mouth and his eyes looks at the desktop, "now" he said, the computer glitches, revealing a four panel shot, all in black and white.

>>> Inside The Bank

His watch beeps, that dark colored watch, with neon lights in a circle shape, "something's happening" he said, "what?" The other ask, "i don't know yet" he replies. "But i am gonna find out" he added.

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