Percy Jackson and the Olympians through Annabeth's eyes The Lighting Theif

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<P><STRONG>Percy Jackson and the Olympians                                                                              </STRONG>(through Annabeth's eyes)  <STRONG>                                                                                        The Lighting Theif</STRONG></P>


<P>Alright so, something are going to be changed and cut out because you know, Annabeths point of view and everything and sit tight because Im adding a new chapter every day. Multiple chapters a day if I think that It wasnt enough for me to write about. ANYWAY I've read "Annabeths Battle of the Labryinth" BTW you should read it, check it out it is GOOD. The thing is I didn't see any book 1-3 or book 5 so Im gonna be writing those. If you want book 4 in Annabeths Point of view your gonna have to serch what I just said in wattpad serch thingy. Don't be lazy... :] So summing it all up, every chapter will be in a diffrent part. I am also re-writing the 39 clues so check out my other books. Im writng these two at the same time for the fans of both so dont get fusturated when I take to long to update or else the world will explode okay? :D Let that sink in...You know how that rick guy made up cool crazy names for each chapter right? Ima try to doo that too. I hope you went to lazy to read this little passage. NOW TO BEGIN!</P>

<P><STRONG>Chapter One </STRONG>                                                                                                              Crazy Red Raincoat                                                                                                    Dude Fights the Minotar </P>


<P>It started off as a normal day here at camp half-blood. The ONLY safe place in the world for kids like me. Half human half greek god. I'm Annabeth Chase. I'm the leader of the Athena Cabin. You know, goddess of wisdom and war planning and what not. Not war war like Ares, noo there is a HUGE diffrence.                           More like Maps and troops and what kind of weapons to use and where to attack. Stuff like that. Just don't get confused or else Athena and Ares might just come down from Mt. Olympus and demenstrite what they do on you. Those are some people you wouldn't want to do that to you. Dinner just finished at the sun was setting.                                                                                                                         </P>

<P>I went over to the beach. I had this strange feeling that something big was going to happen. I tried to ignore it but it didnt go away. It was like the feeling you get when there is a raffle going on and you brought a whole bunch of tickets and their about to announce the winner. I burried my toes in the sand then ended up splashing my feet in the water.                         </P>

<P>I watched the last minutes of the setting sun and than the moon was shining like the sky finnaly belonged to it and it alone. And it did. I went back to my cabin and fell asleep. I was dreaming about Rainbows and  unicorns in green medows with flowers and bublegum fountains. It was really scary because I never dreamed about this kind of stuff. It made me sick.                                                                                </P>

<P>Than a figure appared, a beatiful women with brownish-redish hair and an orange lily behind her ear. She had on a green evening dress. She shimmerd a goddess. I couldn't belive it a goddess! Visitng my dreams! I am so luckey. I bowed before her presense. "Lady...uh..." I felt so stupid I didn't even know her name. I scanned my mind for anything including rainbow and  unicorn loving goddesess. Nothing. "Demeter" said the lady, I uh erm mean Demeter.                                                                                                                      </P>