Chapter 22: Bond Problems

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The perverted sex bot was handcuffed by Lastation Police. Midoriya explained to the Police that he was the one responsible for hacking the satellite. The four CPUs and Candidates including Midoriya were so relieved that he was arrested for good.

 The four CPUs and Candidates including Midoriya were so relieved that he was arrested for good

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Blanc: This is lovely, but he did admit to the hacking.

Vert: Well, as long as he's locked up. That's no longer our concern. Besides, Noire has more pressing matters on her mind right now. She turned to Noire and the others.

Noire: Don't look!
She said embarrassed.

They wondered.

Noire: You didn't see, did you?
She said to them.

Uni: Oh no! We saw something-
Ram cut her off.

Ram: I saw! I saw! I saw everything!
She raised her hand.

Rom: What's cosplay? Looks fun!
She meekly said.

Noire looked at Midoriya.

Noire: Did you look?!
She warned.

Midoriya: N-N-No, I didn't!
He said embarrassed.

Noire: Hmph. You better not.
She made a pouty face with puffed cheeks.

Noire: What are you guys even doing here?! It's like you just came by to laugh at me! She pouted again.

Noire: I am so done with this! Listen, forget everything you saw here or I'm gonna bleed it out of you, do you understand me?

Neptune looked at Peashy. She had a sad look on her face.

Neptune: Hey P-ko!
She looked up to Neptune.

She pulled out a cup of pudding.

Neptune: Ta da!

Neptune: You want some pudding? I snucked it here in my pocket. She said nicely.

Peashy: Oooh! You bet! I'm super hungry!

Neptune: K, but you have to share it with me.

Peashy: Ok! Half for me and half for you!
She agreed making a smile.

Midoriya was talking with the CPUs and Candidates.

Midoriya: They should lock him up for good. I'm worrying about something else.

Noire: Do you feel like he's gonna escape? Ha! Nope!

Midoriya: I think he has other things planned. Its like he has backup for some reason.

Vert: Why must assume such assiduity?

Midoriya: Something tells me it. I-I don't know.

Blanc: Midoriya may be right. He may have backup.
She said meekly.

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