A short story

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         I woke up staring at the ceiling. I was curled up nice and warm in my bed.

I got up even though I didn’t want to. It was in a pair of sweats and a black

t-shirt. So I rummaged through my closet looking for clothes. I found a pair

of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. I put that on along with my makeup and

my black hoodie. And found my brush on the top of my shelf and began to

brush my long chocolate brown hair. Finally I brushed it until it was brown

silk. It flowed past my shoulders . It made my blue eyes brighter. I was

skinny, I guess. I had full lips that were bright pink. And my hair laid over

my left eye. I walked down stairs out of the room.       

          I put on my neon green converse and walked outside. I started my

walk to school. I looked at the gray and blue sky. I looked at my feet. The

cement was old and cracked it made my shoes stand out. I shake because

compared to my house it was freezing. My breath clung to the crisp morning

air like white smoke. I saw the school then I saw Jake.

        Jake was a sweetheart, and my best friend he and I share a secret.

Jake is tall with dark golden hair and purple eyes. His eyes aren’t contacts he would’ve told me. I met him last summer when we escaped a deadly hunter who was out to catch us, and take us to a his boss. His boss wants Jake and I because our powers. His boss wanted our powers to make him stronger.  We narrowly escaped the hunter but, we made it out alive. We have been best friends ever since.

       “Bree!” he yelled over to me.

        I ran over to see him nearly tripping over my own feet. Once I

caught my balance I said “Jake its been all summer! How have u been?”

        He looked at me then gave me a hug “Bree I missed you. I’m great now. You?”

       “I’m great!” I said sincerely I lowered my voice “I’m still getting

used to some things though like….” I trailed off he knew what I mean.

       He looked at me violet purple eyes sparkled “ Me to, its pretty

hard now.”

       I sighed and nodded. The bell rang I ran to my class down the hall this time tripping and falling in the hall. I got up and ran into the class ignoring the laughter of my fall, my face was hot and red. I walked slowly to the back of the class. I took my seat. I looked up at the board. My teacher began to write a complicated math problem across the board. I copied it down but erased it because I copied it down wrong. I rewrote it carefully. I bit my lip. I tried to solve. The classroom door opened, I knew who it was before I looked. Mark. The hunter. tension filled the air. I looked at him. He hadn’t changed a bit, brown hair, 14yrs old about our age and menacing green eyes. I slouched down in my seat thinking maybe he wont see me. To late he saw me. A menacing smile crossed his lips. A growl bubbled in my throat and threatened to come out. I bit my tongue hard, to hold it back. He turned from me breaking his gaze. He walked to the teacher and whispered something in her ear she nodded and called Jake, Emily, and I to pack up. She explained marks here to pick us up. Jake shot me a glance. Mark lead us outside I held my breath.

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