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HONEY STARK WAS JUST an average 15 year-old who lived in queens. she went to midtown high and was a very shy, quiet, very intelligent girl.

she spent most of her free time either drawing or singing, she was very artsy.

her best friend peter was just the same way, minus the artsy stuff. he was a geek in science just like his friend ned.

ned was anything but quiet. he loved talking. he also really enjoyed random lego sets and would never fail to bring them for him, peter, and honey to enjoy.

mj was just like honey in every way, except she wasn't as close. she occasionally sat by them but nothing more than that. she would sometimes sit next to honey and ask her for advice with art and such.

everyone knew that peter, honey, and ned were all best friends and everyone thought of them as the geek squad.

they had almost all of the same classes and have been best friends since 1st grade when they would all get bullied by flash (they still do but it doesn't bother them as much).

honey was obviously very known in the school by having her dad be iron man but that didn't do much to help her make friends. the fact is that honey didn't want to make friends, she was awkward and shy enough already.

the golden blonde walked out of art making her way to the cafeteria to sit with peter and ned. a girl named mj occasionally sat by them but they have never formally met.

"hey guys so you'll never-" she started but realized that peter and ned weren't even paying attention to her.

"we should probably quit staring before it gets creepy" peter said. honey followed their gazes to liz allen, the leader of the science decathlon team.

she's known that peter had a crush on the very pretty girl but always felt a twinge of jealousy but she couldn't pin point it.

"it already has." mj spoke, this caused honey to laugh.

peter and ned looked over and gave her a bewildered look.

"hey honey, you were saying?" peter turned to look at the girl wide smile on his face.

"oh i was just gonna say that we should have a sleepover or something. only if you guys want to of course." she beamed.

ned glanced over at peter to see the way he was looking at the girl and he could've sworn he saw heart eyes but then remembered he only liked liz after his long talk the previous nights before.

"so you're meaning to tell me you only like liz when you look like you're in love with honey?" ned questioned the boy after sitting in his room putting together a lego set ned bought for them to mess around with.

"honey is my best friend ned, and so are you. i don't like her, or, love her." peter defended. but ned knew better than to question him further.

the dark haired filipino boy glanced back at honey who seemed to be talking about art.

"yeah that sounds great" peter smiled and gave her a quick fist bump.

she returned the gesture to ned as well.

they began talking about what they all would do after school at honey's house since pepper loved having ned and peter over since they were like her children.

"maybe we could have a movie night? we haven't had one in forever." ned suggested.

"that sounds amazing, i can text my mom and ask her to make your guys' favorite" she bid.

peters phone started buzzing signaling he was getting a call. it was from tony stark, his best friends dad.

peter hadn't told anyone he was spider-man except for ned when he found him crawling through is window on the ceiling.

"i need to go to the bathroom, i'll be back" peter said with a tinge of guilt in his eyes.

"okay" honey mumbled as she continued texting her mom.

"your mom makes the best food i swear" ned said, causing honey to laugh. and with that the bell rang signaling it was time for the teens to go to class.

thankfully peter had spanish which ned or honey didn't take considering they already know it because they took an online course one summer when peter went to a science camp that may made him do.

honey walked to geometry with ned discussing the things they would watch as they arrived at honeys house.

she was so happy to have friends like ned and peter, she would have no clue what she would do without them.


hi i really hope you enjoyed the first chapter 🥺 it was a lot of fun writing and i'm really excited to portray more of the holy trinity :)
anyways, thank you for reading!

edit: i like this version better than the original tbh. i hope you liked it :))))

love, kayla <3

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