Mickey D's Wanted Their BigMac Back

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Kalia pov

What do you do when people never expect you to be sad? You smile. And it don't matter how much your cheeks start to burn from the pressure. You smile through the pain. All of it.

What do you do when you have bruises on your body and self harm scars? You put a hoodie on and go on about your day. And you say that you're cold even if it's in the middle of summer.

And what do you do when you're forced into silence? Don't speak of that situation. Because it'll only get worse if you open your mouth. It's better to stay quiet and their will be no consequences. Or at least someone won't say you're lying. No mater how many bruises are on your body.

What to do when someone asks are you okay? You say that you're fine. No matter how close you are to breaking. You blink back those tears...

I dressed in black leggings, white shirt, and a pink hoodie. I put on my converses and brush my teeth. I let my curly hair flow down naturally. I looked in the mirror only to see brown dull eyes staring back at me. I grabbed my phone, charger, lipgloss, and headphones and placed it in my purse.

When I made it downstairs my foster father stared at me and smirked. He sat at the table sitting faced me with a cup of coffee in his hands. One hand folded over his chest. He terrified me. He claimed he didn't want to hurt me, he just wanted to see me cry. He said that I looked beautiful when I cry. Yet he calls me ugly and everything in the book of wrong. He drank the rest of his coffee from his mug.

"Good morning. Pet." His deep, cold voice say. I just stared at him. He was was calm. To calm. My heart was pounding in my chest. Could he hear it? I shrieked as the mug came flying towards me. I ducked down and hit hit the shattering to the floor. "Get the fuck out you bitch!"

I wasted no time with running out the door. I walked to my school. It wasn't a far walk and I actually found it calming. I enjoyed the peaceful silence I got.

"Kalia!" I heard my bestfriend yell as I walked inside of the school. I did the one thing I did best. I smiled. I smiled through my pain. I was happy to see Jasmine, Taylor, Noah, and Ethan. They gave me a little peace. They're the reason I'm still living. Because I don't want them to be sad if I'm gone. I want them to be happy. I grinned as I hugged her. I winced a little when she hugged me to tightly and put pressure of my bruises.

"Jesus Jasmine. You're crushing her." Noah chuckled pulling her away from me.

"Sorry." She say smiling.

"Wassup my bitch!" Taylor said loudly making everyone look at us. I shuffled closer in front of Noah so they couldn't see me.

"Hi." I murmured uncomfortable from all of the stares.

"Awww you're so adorable." Ethan said pinching cheeks. I huffed and slapped his hands looking away while blushing. "Awwws!" Ethan said reaching for my cheeks again.

"Ethannn leave me alone." I whined turning my face. He chuckled.

"Fine. Fine. I'll stop." He say grinning. The bell rung. We all went to first period together. We have most classes together and some classes were not all together.

But all of in a class together is bad news. Even when we're not in class together. You should see us on days when we have tests and exams. Noah got the math down pack so we be sharing answers. We have our ways. I got ELA. Taylor got science. Jasmine is World History, and Noah got Spanish. The teachers think that by separating us that it'll stop us from communicating. What's wrong with them? We went in our first period class and our teachers Ms.Turner groaned seeing us.

"Who took her BigMac?" Noah muttered. We snickered and made our way to our seats. And of course she had us split up. I sat in my seat and took out my notebook. First class of the day. Math. As she began with her lecture a paper ball was throwable at me. I glared back at the guy known as Johnny.

He put his hands up in defense and pointed at Taylor. She mouthed at me to open it. I opened the paper only to see a horrible drawing of Ms.Turner fussing at someone for taking her BigMac. I giggled balling it back up. I looked at Ms.Turner to make sure she wasn't looking and I threw it at Jasmine. Jasmine cackled and quickly hid the paper. Ms.Turner glared at her.

"Quiet child." She scolded and turned around.

"QuIeT cHiLs." She mimicked quietly. She threw the paper to Noah and when he see it he faked a cough to cover his laugh. He then threw it at Ethan. Ethan grinned mischievously and then he threw the paper at her head. He quickly picked up his pencil and pretended to be writing and so did I.

"Which one of you heathens threw that paper at me?" She screeched angrily. Her entire face turned red and if she was a carton character. She picked up the balled up paper and opened it. She gasped. "You stupid fuckers!" My eyes widen and the class gasped. "You are to old to be acting like god damn children!"

"Can't get mad cause Mickey D's wanted their BigMac Back!" I started choking as Brian said that out loud. The whole class went into a fit of laughter.

"Shut up!" She yelled. We all got quite. The bell rung and we all rushed out of class.

"She was pissed." Taylor said laughing.

"Good comeback Brian." Ethan said and high fives Brian.

"Y'all should come to my party." Brian said.

"Sure. When is it?" Jasmine asked.

"I'll text you all the details." Brian said and I frowned.

"Sorry, Bry. I can't go." I say.

"Awww why not?" He pouted. Because my foster parents are going to kill me!

"Because I have to babysit." I lied.

"Oh. It's okay though." He say. We all slit up for next classes. I went with Noah and Taylor to our next class which was Science.

"Oh look. It's the hottie, bitch and the nerd." Alyssa

"Oh shit. We're playing the 'What do we see game'? Well I see a teacher, some desk. Noah you wanna play?" Taylor asked sarcastically.

"Of course! I see a guy, and girl. And oh shit! Issa slut!" Noah said in fake surprised. I laughed.

"You think it's funny nerd?" She scowled at me.

"I wonder if your dad ever wished he pulled out." I say and she gasped.

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