It's Gotten Attached To Lisa

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1 hour earlier; at Heaven's exit.

Rosie stood under the archway that said "EXIT; WE'RE SORRY TO SEE YOU LEAVE! BE GOOD AND SEE YOU AGAIN!" in tacky glittery and curly font. She looked up at it and sighed.

Jennie felt Rosie's apprehension so she wrapped her arms around her friend.

"Sorry I can't come, Rosie. You know I would never let you venture out to earth on your own if I could help it."

"I know, Jen. It's okay. It's my fault it fell, anyway. I probably played too hard with the cherubs and that's how it fell off."

Rosie sighed again.

"Take care down there, okay? And don't hesitate to call if you need help. I'll appear beside you in a blink of an eye!"

Jennie smiled and Rosie mirrored it back. The two friends shared one last goodbye hug before Rosie flew through the archway.

The clouds and blue sky around her disappeared and slowly gave way to high rise towers, skyscrapers, and bright lights. The sound of traffic rang in her ears, slowly at first then on full blast all of a sudden. She winced and covered her ears from the auditory onslaught. She felt her feet touch something solid and rouch and she looked down to see cement.

Rosie didn't realize it but she'd slowly descended down onto the rooftop of one of the tall buildings. The moment she entered the earth's atmosphere, the 5 human senses activated for her. This was a normal thing, as angels would need all senses and powers of perception to navigate their way on earth. Angels may have abilities and wisdom beyond that of a human, but they are not God and are neither omnipotent nor omniscient.

Rosie had heard all about it - tales from the older angels of an earth that is never quiet and never still, where the clouds move and time is measured by its spinning by itself and around a bright hot sun. But it was quite something to experience for herself.

Everything came at her at once - the lights, the sound, and the cold. But what her mind couldn't process was how everything smelled. Rosie felt the stench of a city assault her newly-acquired sense of smell and felt her eyes water up. Smoke and pollution filled her lungs and she coughed.

Part of her brain wondered if this what it felt like to be overwhelmed - to have one stimulus after another barrage you.

Not even a minute yet on earth and she wanted to go back to heaven, to watching her beloved cherubs and to her friend Jennie. Is this what regret felt like?

She felt droplets on her collarbone and chest. She reached up and touched wetness touch her cheeks. Were these tears?

Was she crying?

Her shoulders started shaking with sobs. This was awful. Earth was horrible.

Rosie couldn't take it anymore. She wrapped her arms around herself and crouched down. She covered her ears, squeezed her eyes shut and rested her chin on her knees.

She just wanted to be back in heaven. She just wanted it all to stop.

She didn't know how much time passed - it could have been a few seconds or an hour - but eventually all the noise died down. The scents were still there but they weren't as pungent. The lights looked like they dimmed and it stopped feeling like she was under attack.

And like a flower blooming, she stood up and unfolded herself. She opened her eyes and ulled her hands away from cupping her ears. She  breathed in a lungful of air.

She was okay, she told herself. She was okay and she could do this.

Besides, she couldn't go back to heaven empty-handed.

Empty-headed? Wait- either way, she couldn't go back without her halo, without having made this work.

She has to do this. She had to find it. Or at the very least she has to try. She can't give up.

So with new-found conviction and determination, Rosie squared her shoulders and puffed her chest and looked towards the horizon.

And since there were no more sensory distractions, she finally noticed a glow a few miles away, coming from another building. The glow felt familiar. Rosie realized that was the glow emanating from her halo. She flapped her wings and squealed in excitement.

She found it!

So the angel with the missing halo wasted no time in zooming towards the glow.

And all the while, God watched her from the huge desk in the heavens above with a proud smile.

"That's my girl."


Lisa opened the door and grabbed the blonde girl's wrist with lightning fast movements and pulled her inside. She shut the door just as quick with as much force as she could and the walls shook and Dalgom jumped once again.

The moment the blonde was inside, Lisa was able to take note of several things. She was pretty but she was a little ragged - her white dress had smudges of dirt and so did her face, her bare feet were dirty, and she had huge wings attached to her back that looked one hundred percent real and not a costume.

Rosie's eyes were wide in alarm - everything  happened before she could react. One moment she was barefoot outside, wondering if she was knocking on the right door, and the next she was being dragged by the wrist.

Her wings instinctively curled around her. Everything happened so fast and she wasn't able to  process everything. And now here she stood in a cramped room, front of a pretty girl with bangs and a halo, breathless, and confused.



Rosie wasn't capable of containing her excitement. She squealed and reached out to grab it. The angel practically lunged at the glowing circle above the human's head.

Suddenly, there was a pretty face inches before Lisa's and the human was taken aback. For a second, Lisa thought the other girl dove in to attack her with a kiss and her heartbeat went wild in her chest - thundering for a mile a minute.

But the other girl only reached up and grabbed the halo above her head and then put it on hers.

Too many things were also happening for Lisa but when she saw the other girl putting the halo on her head, it all sort of clicked into place - the wings, the halo, the blonde hair, the white dress, the bare feet, and the so pure so good so divine aura that the other girl emanated. There could only be one explanation for this madness - this girl was an angel and the thing that was on her head when she woke up must be her halo.

If Jisoo were here, she'd be proud of Lisa's powers of deduction.

Rosie was bursting at the seams from happiness. She's already succeeded and she would be home in no time. So she put the halo on her head with a grin. She'd be able to go back to heaven in a few minutes, maybe after thanking the kind human for taking care of her halo.

As crazy as the event that had just happened since that morning, Lisa was relieved. She would be able to go to work in a few days. Hell, she would be able to leave the house in a few minutes! Maybe after she thanked the angel and asked her name. Possibly her phone number, too, if they had cell service in heaven, or something.

But it might have been too early for a celebration, because a few seconds after she put the halo on her own head it simply floated back onto Lisa's.


Rosie couldn't believe what was happening. Neither could Lisa.

Rosie tried again. She grabbed the halo and put it on her head. But it only stayed there for a few seconds before it floated back to Lisa's head.



They both screamed. Poor Dalgom jumped again out of fright.

Way above them, beyond the clouds, God snickered at her desk.


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