Chapter 61 - Mother

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I still couldn't believe how Rin could move even with those fatal injuries but it seemed like she was nearing her limit. She coughed up blood and collapsed on her knees.

"Just give up, Rin—"

Muling ngumiti si Rin kay Sir Hideo. "Death is a better option," she said. "But I won't die easily."

Sir Hideo went rigid and his sword flew toward him. Agad naman akong tumakbo kung saan ko naiwan ang bow ko pero napahinto ako nang makita ko ang katawan ni Demi.

Half of her body was already covered by her blood and my heart sank when I remembered how she died. Napalitan ng galit ang nararamdaman kong kaunting awa kay Rin.

I tugged the string on my bow and waited until my arrows could cross path with the sword flying to his direction. I released them and it changed the direction of the sword but after that, Rin looked at me.


"I won't let you hurt my father," I blurted out.

'Thank you,' Sir Hideo said and I was surprised to hear him holding back his tears. 'Thank you for acknowledging me as your father.'

The next thing I knew, he was already in front of Rin and he summoned another sword. Rin was also holding a knife and I screamed when I saw her thrusting it to him.

Tumakbo ako papunta sa kanila pero napahinto agad ako nang nakita ko yung nangyari sa pagitan nila. He blocked the knife with his hand, just like what he did earlier, and two cards was impaled on Rin's chest. Those were the same cards Demi gave me. Did he summon them just like what Mama did earlier?

"D-damn it," Rin muttered as her breathing slowed down. "In the end . . . it's s-still her . . ."

"I may be the reason of her death, but you killed her."

Nakita ko ang galit sa mga mata ni Sir Hideo habang nakatingin kay Rin.

"So t-this is your revenge. Hah . . ."

"No. I did this to protect my tribe, and to protect my daughter."

"I . . . I h-hate the both . . . of you . . ."

"She never hated you," sabi naman ni Sir Hideo at lumayo siya kay Rin.

"I . . . I know . . ."

Hindi ko alam kung totoo ba ang nakikita ko o ano pero may tumulong luha sa mga mata ni Rin. Her expression softened as she looked at the sky one last time. Her strength finally faded away and she collapsed on the ground.

"This is the end, Rin."

"N-no. My . . . my hatred will live on . . . and you won't get our . . . eyes . . ."

After she said that, two daggers came straight to her eyes. Napapikit na lang ako dahil sa nangyari at nagulat ako nang yakapin ako ni Sir Hideo. Alam kong ginawa niya 'yon para hindi ko makita kung paano sinaksak ni Rin ang sarili niyang mga mata pero huli na.

"Cry all you want," he whispered and that triggered my tears. "I won't leave your side."

I hugged him back and cried my heart out. Everything was still a shock to me and my mind couldn't accept all the things I have heard and seen. But being with him, I felt secured.

"I'm sorry," he said and I felt his tears on my head.

Even though my head still hurt from what I've learned, I still wanted to know everything. Gusto kong malaman ang totoong nangyari at kung sino ba talaga ako. Bigla namang bumitiw si Sir Hideo sa pagkakayakap at pinunasan niya ang luha ko.

"Do you hate her?" he asked while looking at Rin but I couldn't answer immediately.

"I . . . I don't know . . ."

"She's a Shinigami. Your Mom," sabi niya naman. "It's hard to explain but she went to Tantei High and acted like a Senshin."


"The Shinigami tribe wanted a spy but everything became complicated because she got attached to us." He let out a smile as he reminisced those moments. "I knew it would turn into a mess but we let our feelings get the best of us. She jeopardized their mission and her family branded her as a traitor. The Shinigamis blamed us for what happened and attacked this place. You were just born that time but your mother saved you from the hands of her own family. She brought you here because she knew you'd be safe with Senshins . . . but in the end, she died."

Hindi ako makahinga nang maayos pagkatapos kong marinig 'yon. I didn't know my mother had to go through those hardships just to save me. I suddenly felt bad and guilty.

"But I couldn't be with you because I had to save everyone. I was a leader before I became a father." Naintindihan ko naman 'yon pero bumigat pa rin ang pakiramdam ko. "That was why I pleaded Naomi to take care of you. And I felt bad because she had to leave her husband and son."

Nagulat naman ako sa narinig ko.

"May pamilya po si Mama—I mean, s-si Naomi?"

Tumango naman si Sir Hideo at bigla siyang bumuntong-hininga.

"But her husband, Mitsuo, also had a strong sense of duty," he continued. "He continued fighting while protecting their son."

Naalala ko naman ang pangalang 'yon. Mitsuo. That was included in the names of the Great Seven. Lalong bumigat ang puso ko. Hindi ko akalain na may iniwan palang pamilya si Mama para lang iligtas ako.

"The Shinigamis used his son as his weakness. He accepted the attacks directed toward his son. When I came to him, he was already at his limits. He told me to take his son to Naomi and he died right after. Because of the situation, Naomi and I couldn't meet and in the end, we had to take care of each other's child."

Nanlaki ang mga mata ko at unti-unting nabuo sa utak ko ang mga nangyari.

"T-then . . . si Hiro . . ." My voice faltered and I couldn't say what I wanted to say.

"Yes," he said. "He's the son of Naomi and Mitsuo."

Nanghina ang mga binti ko sa mga nalaman ko. My mind was close to being overloaded and I think I couldn't handle any revelation anymore.

Hindi ko lubos maisip na anak ni Mama si Hiro. Alam kaya ni Hiro 'yon? Kaya ba tinulungan niya kanina si Mama? O coincidence lang 'yon?

"I'm sorry," sabi ulit ni Sir Hideo. "I thought it would be better and you would be safe if you're away from this world. I'm sorry if I couldn't do anything to save your mother. I am worthless—"

Niyakap ko siya nang mahigpit. "Thank you, Papa," I said as tears streamed down my face. "Mas inuna mo ang kaligtasan ko kaysa sa makasama mo ako. I lived as a normal person for fifteen years. I was safe during those times and it was because of you. You're not worthless. For me, you are the best."

Napangiti na lang ako habang nakayakap sa kanya dahil alam kong ang laki ng sakripisyo nila ni Mama para sa akin. Because of them, I lived. Because of them, I am here. And even though he didn't mention my real mother's name, I already knew who she was.

"Akemi, our daughter is really like you," he whispered as silent tears fell from his eyes.

Maybe it was destiny that I picked the same alternative name as hers.

Marami pa akong gusting itanong kay Sir Hideo . . . I mean . . . kay Papa, pero kailangan na naming bumalik sa kanila para tingnan kung ayos lang sila.

Napatingin naman kami sa katawan ni Rin at iniisip ko kung ano ang gagawin nila sa kanya.

"You need to know one more thing," he said while staring at Rin's lifeless body.

"A-ano po?"

"Rin is Akemi's younger sister."


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