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two weeks later

It was around two in the morning and I was laying in bed, purely exhausted and crying

No position was comfortable
I had to pee every ten seconds
I was craving grapes, but we didn't have any
I wanted hugs
I missed Nick

I wiped my tears, only feeling more come out.

I stood up, going and turning on my light before sitting in front of my mirror, lifting my shirt to fully see my bump.

I could feel the baby moving- which was the main reason I couldn't sleep, but I was happy that he or she was moving.

Just as I dropped my shirt back down my door was pushed open, and I saw Brantley appear through my mirror

"Did I wake you?" I asked quietly as he walked to me, rubbing his eyes.

"Macey just got home, she did" he spoke quietly, letting me pull him into a tight hug.

I kissed his cheek, feeling him smile as I did.

"Can you make it move?" He questioned, moving to his knees between my legs, looking to the bump.

"Let's see what I can manage" I spoke, lifting my shirt and rubbing my belly, trying to get any sort of reaction.

As soon as I felt the baby turning, I quickly grabbed Brantley's hand, putting it on the area- seeing his face light up.

"I like that" he whispered

I smiled, watching him move both hands to my tummy, feeling the baby move until it settled down.

"Can I give it a kiss?" He questioned.

"Of course" I spoke, seeing him immediately bend to kiss the top of my belly, pulling away with a smile.

"You're so sweet" I whispered, rubbing my thumb over his cheek gently.

We ended up in my bed, him laying in my chest, one hand on my belly, his head resting in my neck.

I was able to sleep for a few minutes, until my door opened again.

I shot up, seeing Macey.

"Do you have any tampons?" She spoke out

"No- I'm pregnant" I spoke through the tiredness

"Oh yeah" she spoke slowly- making me realize she was on a drug of some sort, she wasn't in the right mind state.

"What did you take?" I shot to her, seeing her focus to me again.

"The good shit" She hummed before turning away and leaving.

I tried sleeping again- finding nothing satisfying,

Around six I ended up falling asleep again, only to be awoken around seven by Calum, who was looking for Brantley

"What's he doing in here?" Cal whispered, rubbing my back gently

"Macey woke him up when she got home last night" I spoke out slowly.

"And he woke you-" "no, I couldn't sleep- I don't think I got but like an hour of sleep last night" I spoke, rubbing my face as Brantley sat up- his hand all over the place.

"It'll get easier soon"

"You guys have literally said that the entire pregnancy"

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