"Mm shit I forgot, probably bout 4 or 5 times."

I laughed.

"Yeah but Chris made me give April a pregnancy test last night before I left." I said while looking at her.

She looked at me and laughed, "girl the baby probably not even Cam child."

"She not pregnant."

"Bitch you for real?" She asked while stopping at the light and looking at me.

"Mhm and Cam punched the shit out her ass too. You know ain't nobody see him do it cause it was only us in the room but he punched her ass and gave her a black eye." I said while laughing.

"Damn, she probably dead now."

We pulled up to McDonald's and ordered our food.

"We should sit at a park and eat I don't wanna go back home." I said.

"Yeah I was thinking that too."

We played the music loud ass hell and rapped along. The street we was supposed to Turn on was blocked off so we had to take a different street.

Bri turned the radio down and looked at me.

"Bitch guess what." She said.

"Ouuu what bitch!"

"Cam told me he love me."

"BITCH HE SAID WHAT NOW?!" I said getting excited.

She laughed.

"Did you say it back?!" I asked.


My smile went away.

"Bri now why the fuck you ain't say it back! You love him right?"

She got quiet.


"Shut up." She said while laughing.

"Why you ain't say it back!"

"I don't know! I mean after everything that happened  4 weeks ago I still need time to fully heal and I think that's gone take some time cause I been having-" Brianna was cut off by gunshots.

"Oh shit!" She yelled.

We ducked down in the car.

"That's coming from the Trap!" I said.

Brianna looked at me the looked down at her arm.

"OH MY GOD BRIANNA." I said feeling tears come to my eyes.

"Calm down girl it's only in my arm. Toss me my purse."

I grabbed her purse and gave it to her. She pulled out her gun.

"Uhn Uhn Bri we gotta go!" I said.

She looked at me and looked at her gun.

"But I see Demond." She said while breathing heavily.

I could see the anger building up in her body. If y'all didn't know Brianna has god damn Anger problems but its not as serious like it used to be but it's still bad cause she be ready to fight, shoot, kill, Throw stuff, etc.

"Your already got hit in yo arm! We need to go!"

I guess Demond and some other dudes spotted us cause they got in the van and Bri pulled off. They was Chasing us and I called Chris.
Phone call:

"H-" I cut him off.

"Look I know your in the middle of handling this shooting shit cause me and Bri just rode pass and she got hit with a bullet and she saw Demond and he saw her now he chasing us in his van with like 10 other people and I think Bri bout to lead him somewhere so she can try and kill him but it's too many of them and she's not listening to me!" I said very fast.

"FUCK!" I heard cam yell.

"Ask Bri where she going!" Chris said.

"Bri where we bout to go?"

She didn't say anything she kept her eyes on the rode with her gun in her lap and she had an evil look in her eyes.

"She ignoring me." I said.

"Where is somewhere she would go to kill somebody."

"I don't know!" I yelled.

I grabbed the gun that she had in the glove department.

"All I know is I'm not letting her try and take all them out by herself."

"Never mind we know where y'all at."

The call ended.


I led Demond on to a field where no one ever go to. It's like in the middle of no where. I grabbed my gun and got out the car. I wasn't even paying attention to the bullet in my arm.

"Don't get out the car I don't need you hurt." I said to Nique.

Demond got out the car and met me in the middle of the field.

He laughed while looking at me.

"You killed my brother you know." He said with anger in his voice.

"I'm trying to figure out if I want to kill you or kidnap you and move away to keep you as my bitch." He said while getting closer to me.

"I'm trying to figure out why you still alive when you brother dead." I said while smiling .

He punched me in my face.

I spit on him and kicked him in his balls. Then pulled my gun out and pointed it at him. The people who rode with him in the van hopped out and held their guns towards me and Nique hopped out the car and held it towards them.

Demond shot me in my shoulder before I could shoot him and he took my gun. He got up holding his balls and I saw Nique point her gun towards him. I shook my head no telling her not to do it. Demond called the people from the van to come over with him. They all held their guns up to me.

I reached in my waist and grabbed my gun and I heard gunshots. I looked and saw Nique sending shots to them and Chris, Ant, Dj, and like 8 other guys was with her.

Demond grabbed me by my hair and dragged me towards the woods with two other niggas. I shot him in his foot. Then tried to get up. The two boys grabbed me and held my arms and Demond pointed his gun towards me.

"Don't worry you'll see yo friends up there with you soon." He said.

Cam came out of no where and jumped in front of me and he got shot in his stomach.

"CAM MOVE!" I yelled.

Cam tackled Demond on the ground and the two niggas who was hold me back ran off. I heard more gunshots go off and Cam had got shot again. I grabbed my gun off the ground and tried to aim towards Demond I was weak. I had lost to much blood and I was literally crawling towards them. Demond got up and ran off and Cam was on the ground laid out.

"CAM!" I yelled while crying over him.

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