Precious Memories~~Chapter 5

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<P>Chapter 5</P>

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<P>After I went home I tried contacting Derrick but I simply got the voicemail. I searched for my mother and I asked her where my brother was.</P>

<P>"He just called." She said while she was fixing up dinner in the kitchen. "He said he was going out with a girl. You know how your brother is with the girls-can't keep his hands off of them." She gently shook her head and made clicking sounds with her tongue. "One day he is gonna get himself into some trouble." </P>

<P>My mother had a slender figure long legs and beautiful face. She had beauty from the books. If she wasn't turning forty soon I wouldn't have believed she was that old. </P>

<P>"He never even has time to have dinner with his family. After all the time I spent into raising that boy and making him a perfect young man and respectable he never comes home." She shook her head and her deep chocolate hair moved around her face. "I should have let him grow into a street rat." She sighed, "But what can I say I am an amazing mother." I laughed.</P>

<P>"Well he doesn't answer any of my phone calls so when he does call tell him to answer his damn phone!" I yelled. </P>

<P>"Sweetie what's wrong? What's the rush to have him call you back so soon? Is there an emergency?"</P>

<P>"No, Mom. I'm just a little mad that he calls the house without anyone asking and he doesn't bother to answer when I call." My temper began to pass although I knew he was ignoring me for a reason. Derrick hardly ever missed my phone calls. Even from before my diagnosis I was constantly calling him and he picked up all the time. I always had something to tell him and he knew it. </P>

<P>There wasn't a dull moment in me and Derrick's life. We had adventure and excitement and we both loved that. It was like we were always in our own little world, just me and my older brother. One day I even imagined me marrying someone who would be just like my older brother Derrick, because without him I knew there wasn't much in my life. But then of course I'm not sure he knew that. </P>

<P>I grabbed my phone again and began to dial his number once more. It rang four or five times before sent to voicemail. "Hey this is Derrick. Sorry I couldn't come to the phone obviously I'm busy," I smiled, "leave your name and number and I will try to get back to you.</P>

<P>When I was sitting up on my bed in my room I began to remember when Derrick and I were making his voicemail and I began to play around and tell him the things he should be saying. He laughed at me and said I was being too formal. I asked what it was that he wanted to say. If people should call that were important and they were for business or school wise what are they going to think? He just replied then they will call the house. Then he flashed his dimpled smile and I couldn't help but smile and giggle at him.</P>

<P>After dinner I sat in my room with my radio blasting. I didn't know what else to do. I mean, the only person who actually calls 20 times a day stop calling at all. There were no phone calls for me from Katherine since earlier that day. I guess she finally was stuck on Derrick. That's probably why he wasn't answering my phone calls either. </P>

<P>From my room I heard my father walk into the house and slam the front door. I was wondering what hell was wrong with him. But eventually it passed my mind because that's when I remembered Kaedon hadn't called me yet. It was almost eight and he didn't even send a text message when I heard my father yelling and my mother screaming back. I slowly opened my bedroom door and tried to listen to why they possibly could be yelling at the top of their lungs for.</P>

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