61. Interruptions.

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"Tell me everything!" I gushed to her and sat down on the couch, legs crossed in school-girl-style and turned to face her.

Her bump was becoming more visible, especially in the tank top that she wore. Her skin not only looked radiant but she had a glow seen through her smile.

"They knew instantly. My parents were so supportive. I was beyond shocked!" She chuckled. "Enzo was watching us cautiously, I think he had expected them to blow up at us." She continued and I listened closely.

"On the way up, he had told me that he was happy for me and he trusted Marcus and glad that it wasn't Jaxon's."

"If Enzo trusts someone, that says a lot!" I laughed and she nodded in agreement.

"Even Marcus had mindlinked me throughout the day just, you know, checking on me." She smiled, looking down at her stomach, "I won't even deny it; I really appreciated it."

"Look at you!" I gushed, shaking my head, "You're blushing just talking about him."

"I know and I hate it! I was so determined to do this alone and now he's come and fucked it up."

"You didn't make this baby alone." I reminded her and she looked up, rolling her eyes at me. "I'm just saying!" I raised my hands up in defeat.

"Anyways! You look like you've had a long day.." She smirked.

"Great, so it's that obvious that I'm tired," I chuckled and rubbed my eyes.

"Yeah, you look like you haven't slept. What, has Cyrus been keeping you up?" She wiggled her eyebrows and I scoffed, leaning back.

"He..he had a part to play in that but it came mostly from my work with Josiah."

She nodded,

"Oh! I almost forgot!" I said loudly and she cocked her head to the side in confusion. "Cancel whatever you have planned tomorrow morning because we're going out!"

"Where?" She smiled, excitement visible in her eyes.

"Shopping?" I shrugged.

"Yes! I desperately need a girls day out!" She gushed and I held my tongue, refusing to tell her that Marcus and possibly Jaxon will be joining us. "How'd Cyrus take it?"

"I'll find out when I tell him," I smiled innocently and she shook her head.

* * *

8 PM

"I said, one hour," Cyrus said aloud as I opened the door into the bedroom. He was laying on the bed with his shirt off, with a laptop on his lap.

"Sorry, I was talking to Kendra." I shrugged and walked closer to him. He placed his laptop on the floor, watching me intensely.

"How is she?" Cyrus asked as I took off my top and jeans and got into the bed. He pulled the covers over me, stretching his arm under me, with my head laying on his arm.

"Yeah, she's actually great. She's freaking glowing, it's unbelievable!"

"Oh really, I haven't noticed.." Cyrus smirked and I jerked my head up to meet his eyes.

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