Kill the Danger Beasts!

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WARNING! This chapter has major spoilers! If you haven't watched the anime or read the manga, go do that before reading this part! and not just this part, but also beyond here, so go read the manga Dammit!
You have been warned!
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Mine POV

"What do you mean he's gone!" I yelled over my headset. I could hear Lubbock whine from the noise in his ears.

"Like I said, he was killing Danger Beasts, then Esdeathe came out of nowhere, now the I gone... like, 'poof'". Lubbock explained.

Crap, now what has Tatsumi gotten himself into? It seems he always has something to piss me off about.

"You think he's gonna be okay?" Asked Lubbock, he was trying not to sound worried, but I could tell he was.

"Don't know..." I murmured.

I scan the plains for any more danger beasts, but it seemed I had killed them all. What now? The boss will probably want to regroup...

I feel a large and rattling breath hit my neck. I froze on spot, turning my head slowly to see who or what was behind me. Of course it was the new Danger Beast Najenda had sent us out here to exterminate.

It was three times the size of humans, but it's skin was bloated and it's mouth looked like you just ripped off some stitches from the mouth.

I raised its arm, getting ready to squish me, but then, it's arm came flying off, landing next to me.

On top of the creature was Cyrus, his coat flowed in the wind, and his face covered by hood and mask. He swung his sword, slicing one of its eyes out. It screeched, then swatted him off with its other arm.

He landed on his feet, then instantly charged, slicing off its leg of the opposite side he cut before. It stumbled for a moment, then as it fell, he raised his sword at its belly, and let the creature fall onto his sword, stabbing its heart and other intestines, if it had a heart.

At first, the dust settles and I sighed in relief, then I noticed that Cyrus let that thing crush him to win, only his arm was sticking out from under the things belly.

"Get... this... thing... off of me!" He said, his voice mumbled from under all that monster fat.

after a lot of pushing...

"I thought I was gonna suffocate under there!" He said, breathing heavily.

I punch him in the shoulder, "Don't be such a drama queen. jeez, you take too many risks, just that idiot Tatsumi."

Cyrus looks up in the sky. "I hope he's alright..."

Tatsumi POV

Being trapped on an island with a beautiful woman is every guys dream...

But not this woman.

Esdeathe lead the way across the beach, we had been walking almost the whole day, now she had just a bra on, with her pants. Was she trying to seduce me?

She had kissed me back when she first kidnapped me. And she did it again to make sure this island wasn't an illusion of some sort.

I sigh, and stare out at the ocean. But Esdeathe catches my attention.

"Here. This is where we first came in, right?" She said.

There was a bright purple light coming from a certain spot on the floor, apparently this would open up again to let us out.

"But before we leave..." Esdeathe said, she then pushed me to the ground, and got on her knees, crawling closer and closer to me.

"How about we get to know each other better?" She said. Honestly, I want her to my ally, she said she loves me so she should be able to talk into joining us.

"S-sure." I murmur.

"where did you learn swordmanship?" She asked. it seemed like she really wanted to know more about me.

"I learned from a man in my village, he also taught me how to blacksmith too." I said, trying to make it seem like a friendly conversation as much as I could. "What about you?"

"I was born in the north, in a clan that hunted danger beast for sport." She explained. "I was the chiefs daughter, and when I returned from hunting one day, they had all died."

she continues...

"Then I joined the empire and quickly rose through the ranks. I was offered a Teigu. I picked the blood of a danger beast. and I was compatible. It's usually drove people insane, but I didn't." she said with a sadistic smile.

"So you were changed by the blood, and that's why you like torture?" I asked with a bit of hope.

"hmm? oh no, I liked that before I even got the Teigu." She said.

There's absolutely no way I can turn her to our side, what was I thinking. it would be different if the blood had changed her or she wanted revenge for her dead clan, but this... there's no way.

"I can also take danger beasts very easily. Here, I'll show you!" She said with desperation to show off to me.

"There's an air manta that way." I said, pointing at one.

she runs off saying she'll be back. Honestly, as a guy, I wouldn't have a problem falling in love with her, but what gets in the way of that is that tinge of evil that seeps through every pore of her body. she has only ever shown me kindness from what I've seen, and I can't love someone like that.

Then behind me the gate opens. Now's my chance! I turn back at Esdeathe... I can't just leave this time, I'll tell her I'm leaving.

"Esdeathe! the door opened, I'm going in first!" I yelled, she quickly turned and ran for the exit, and I hurried out, equipping Incursio as I get behind a rock and stand perfectly still.

Esdeathe comes through as looks around. "Tatsumi! where are you?" She yelled with desperation.

I felt a slight pain of guilt. I felt as if we're going to meet again, but next time will be different, we'll be not as friends...

But as enemies.

(The truth is, I ship Tatsumi and Esdeathe so god Damn much! But it's hard to determine who he'll end up with. You guys got any ideas? Who'll end up with Tatsumi? Mine, Esdeathe, or Akame? I want your guys opinion. I hope you liked this.) - MnMs171

With a twisted fate waiting, Night Raid plans for a trap to the Jäegers. Will their trap work, or will it come at a cost?! Find out in the next chapter, "Kill the Jäegers!".

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