Chapter 00.01

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; Only love can do that " - Martin Luther King Jr.

"Nothing good happens in this town, ya know."Lily grumbled as  we sat in the backroom of the bookstore, I shake my head at her nonsense.

"Lucky you for leaving it then huh?" Rolling her eyes at me, she scoffs and went back to texting her fiance. Probably about how much she hates this place. I personally don't mind it. Sure, we have assholes that think they own the place, but there's hard working people too. Family means something in this town and that's probably why Lily left. She never gave a damn about anyone but herself. Mom and i never saw her once she left for college. Leaving mom and i in her review. Leaving me to take care of our sick mother. Which i never would change.

"oo,  is that Jax?!" Lily gawked out at someone through the window and i shook my head following her to the front of the store.

"Yeah, he looks the same." I respond, not much into the biker bad boy but that was  always Lily's type. They dated my sophomore year, Them both being seniors, it ended bad. Nothing new for her.

"Nah, hes much, much, hotter." Rolling my eyes, deciding to get back to the books.

"Answer that already!!"  Lily yelled from my guest room, hopping out of my shower and quickly wrapping my pink towel around my naked body. Running to my bedside table, sliding my thumb and putting it to my ear.


"Hi this is Tara Knowles from St Thomas General, We have your mother here, she's had an accident and we need you to get here as soon as possible."

"I'll be right there!" My heart felt like it was going to explode from beating so fast. I threw on a pair of underwear, sweat pants , a tank top and a cardigan. Not having the time to rummage through my drawer for a bra. Sliding on my sneakers with no socks. I grab my cell and purse with my keys.

"Lily! lily ! Moms in the hospital! We have to go!" Lily didn't even bother grabbing her stuff and quickly followed me out of the door. Not even taking the time to lock it.

As I drove to the hospital, tears welded in my eyes at the thought of her having a seizure , a heart attack or something worse. My stomach tied itself in knots. Lily hasn't said a word since we got into the car.

"What if she's dead ?!" She gasped out, her fingers to her lips.

"She's not dead !" I speak out , my voice raised in fear , ten minutes go by and I pull into the hospital and stop in front of the doors. Not bothering to park and take an extra five minutes. Lily follows on my heels.

"Anna King! Where is she ?!" I say in fear. A receptionist hits a button which I'm guessing pages the doctor on call.

"Miss. King, hi I'm Tara knowles" A brunette doctor which I immediately remember from high school approaches me with a clipboard in her hands.

"I know. Where's my mom?" I ask in a panicked tone. She took a deep breath, like she was about the say something terrible.

"She had a stroke,which caused some bleeding into her brain. The only thing keeping her alive right now is life support. Giving you Time to say your goodbyes. I'm so sorry." I took a sharp breath in. And felt like my entire world has broke.

"Where?" Lily asked and Tara motioned for us to follow her in which we did. Tears fell down my face and I didn't bother to stop them at all. My mother's dead. My father is dead. How was this fair ? Lily and I just saw her this morning for breakfast.
I stopped myself from going in when Lily and Tara did. Tara's pager went off again, and she sighed.

"Please let us know when you're ready. Just hit the call button. I'm needed in the maternity ward." Tara rushes out. Leaving us. Lily stood beside mom, taking her hand. And I couldn't even bring myself to enter the room.

"Mommy.. I'm so sorry. Please don't go." Lily pleaded. Sitting down in the chair beside her bed. Her heart beat echoing through the room, knowing her hearts not beating on her own. "Chloe , we gotta say goodbye." Lily cried out and shook my head. " I can't, Lily, I can't."

"Chloe! Chloe !" Lily cries out after me when I take off down the hallway, out the double doors and to my car. Collapsing against my hood. My knees hit the pavement, and my head touches the cold metal. I sob out loud. Clinching my arms against my chest.

"Unplugging in 3,2,1. Time of death 11:12pm." Tears fell down my cheek as I sat against the wall, hearing my mother's heartbeat flatline. My knees folded into my chest, my head tucked into them. And I sway back and forth. The doctors come out with a sad expression.

"You couldn't be there huh? How could you not even be in there holding her hand Chloe !" Lily yells. I stand up, and shake my head. "I'm staying at moms." I didn't bother arguing with her, so I walked into the room where they covered my mothers body with a sheet.

My hand shook as I reached for the blanket , to pull it down so I could see my mother. Her skin was pale, her lips almost a purple color. I sit down in the chair and take her soft, now cold tattooed hand in mine. Tears fell from my eyes. And I didn't bother wiping them away.

"Mom.." I sniffle, taking a sharp inhale. " please mommy. Please, don't leave me."I put my head down on her hand , a Kiss it softly. " I need you ."

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