Precious Memories~~Chapter 3

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<P>Chapter 3</P>

<P>I was scared to death. I layed both hands and Aaron's chest and with all my force i pushed. He didnt budge. My entire body tensed and I continued to try and shove him away. Aaron's hands slid down my back and possessively grabbed my butt.</P>

<P>I began to scream into his mouth. I could not believe three guys stood there and watched this and did absolutely nothing. That's why I was surprised when someone pulled Aaron off of me. I turned to see Kaedon and Aaron face-to-face as if they were preparing for battle.</P>

<P>"Ugh, are you insane?" I wiped my lips with the back of my hand. </P>

<P>"No, are you?" Aaron replied.</P>

<P> "If you honestly believe kissing a woman like that will score you points than you <I>must</I> be insane!"</P>

<P>I stood there and listened while Evan and David yelled "ooh!" and "damn she played you".</P>

<P>"You," Aaron said, "obviously don't know what its like to kiss a man then. Maybe If you weren't as stiff as a twig maybe it would have been better."</P>

<P>There went David and Evan again.</P>

<P>"First of all <EM>you </EM>are <EM>not</EM> a man. Second,if that kiss wasn't forced I wouldn't have been scared and I wouldn't have stiffened up. God... you are so arrogant!" i yelled. </P>

<P>I needed to leave; I shouldn't have turned around or even continued to speak with him. I knew I had to go now.</P>

<P>I turned on my heel and saw my car. I pulled out my keys and was about to open the door.</P>

<P>"Hey, where are you going? I'm not finished with you." He yelled.</P>

<P>"Sorry <I>Aaron</I> but I'm totally finished with you." Then I whispered to my self, "so finished."</P>

<P>"You little bitch..." he stepped towards me.</P>

<P>"That's enough, Aaron. You can't force her on you. Lets just go, she's not worth it." Kaedon said.</P>

<P>I was about to close the car door after I got in and murmured, "Neither are you, but I guess none of us are anymore," And drove off.</P>

<P> </P>

<P> </P>

<P>It was two weeks since I ran into those four idiots and I haven't seen them since. </P>

<P>Ever since that day I had a couple of weird dreams. The first dream I had I was in the hospital, on a gurney and being rushed to the ER. At first I thought maybe it was my time; I was going to die. I felt a kick in my stomach. I looked down at my belly to see that it was as big as a house. Then i realized I was in labor. Then I awoke.</P>

<P>Another dream I had was in a rocking chair on my front porch holding a baby doll. In a blink of an eye the baby was real! Then that guy from the other night, Kaedon, walked from inside the house, kissed me and took the child. </P>

<P>"Isn't it great being married?" he asked and my dream stopped.</P>

<P>I've been having dreams that revolved around me and babies.</P>

<P>I was in my bedroom thinking of the strange dreams I've been having when Katherine walked through my door.</P>

<P>"Hey, Layla, what's up? You haven't been answering my phone calls."</P>

<P>Katherine called four times yesterday and half a dozen times the day before.</P>

<P>"You call too much, Kit." I said telling the truth but in a teasing voice. "I've just been busy, no big deal." I patted the space next to me on the bed and invited her to sit down. </P>

<P>"Oh my God, did I tell you that Derrick and I are dating? I probably never said anything before but we make almost a month." </P>

<P>Whoa! Wait a minute! My best friend was dating my brother? Why didn't she tell me this? Is that why he wanted to go with me on the 'date' so he could be with Kit?</P>

<P>"Well that's cool." I said trying to be as calm as possible. "Why didn't you tell me before? Oh never mind-" her phone rang.</P>

<P>She answered her cell and talked for a minute, then started towards the door. She then turned to me, "Layla, I've got to go. I'll try and call you later, bye." And then she was gone.</P>

<P>My mind was going in circles making sure I heard correctly. I always thought Derrick and I had a close relationship and he told me everything. I believed that he and I had a connection-a bond-that brought us together no matter what.</P>

<P>I seem to be wrong about a lot of things lately. I needed to get out; fast.</P>

<P>I couldn't call Kit back and Derrick was out so I went to the only place I knew I could be alone and find peace: The Great Falls.</P></P>


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