Dr. Grey

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Laura's POV 


Oh god, it's that stupid alarm clock that wakes me up back to the stupid reality. 

I slither out of our bed and take a shower, change, brush my teeth, and walk downstairs to see everyone else crowded around the table. The mail must've came.

"Has she written?" I ask.

"Nope." They all sigh, as the all slouch on the couch. 

"Well, she's probably busy." I say. "She is after all in the mail, they probably don't have a lot of time."

"True." They all nod.

"Isn't someone else coming to fill in her space today?" Asks David.

"Yeah!" Says Cara. "Maybe we'll make a new friend."

"Maybe." Sighs Eric. "But they won't be able to replace Skylar, they never will."

"We're not waiting for them to replace Skylar." Cara puts her hand on Eric's shoulder. "Just to... get rid of the hole that's there."

David, Nathan, and I look at each other. Did something happen between these two? And if yes, why do I not know about this? Huh... 

Cara and Eric notice our questioning and automatically change the topic, getting rid of everything.

"Come on, let's go to the hospital." Says Eric, getting up and walking outside, Cara following. The three of us look at each other and shrug. We walk out and go into the cars, driving to the hospital. 

We get there and get out of the cars and walk into the hospital. No one's rushing around, everything seems to be in a normal pace, it's gonna be an easy day. 

"Hello everyone!" Yells the Chief, gathering everyone's attention. "As you all know, Skylar had to go because of the... army." He sighs in annoyance. "So, today we will have the doctor that will replace her FOR NOW, I will be walking around with her, so you'll all have the chance to either see or meet her." He smiles. "Please, be nice, and don't do anything dumb."

He walks away and we all continue to do everything we're supposed to do.

By lunch time, I still haven't met or seen the new doctor. I over hear the Resident's table talking about her.

"I got to meet her." Says April. "She's nice."

"You think everyone is nice." Scoffs Christina. 

"Well, April isn't wrong about it this time." Nods Jackson. "She is nice."

"What's her name?" Asks Meredith.

"Dr. Grey." Says Jackson, wait what? 

"Is this actually Skylar?" Asks Meredith... a little too happy for my taste. "And they were actually pranking us?"

"Nope." Says Jackson. "Sorry to ruin your dreams, but her name is GRACE Grey."

"Wait what?" Says Christina. "What if they're married?"

"That wouldn't make sense." Lily shakes her head. "She took so long to get over Addy, plus now's she with Laura." 

"Well, maybe it's just a coincidence, you guys." Says Meredith. "They could just have the same last names and not be related."

"Nope." Says Christina, pulling her phone out. "Look, they're sisters."

"Woah..." They all say.

"Is no one gonna question how she found this so easily?" Asks Lily. "No? Okay..."

"Don't ask questions." Christina gives her a look.

"Okay." Lily raises her hands in defeat.

I look back at our table as everyone else is quiet and looking at me. 

"What." I ask.

"What are you doing?" Asks Cara.

"Well, I haven't met the new doctor yet, and the residents have." I explain. "So, I decided to listen in on their conversation."

"Stalker." Mutters David, I smack his arm.

"Cool, what did you hear?" Asks David.

"All I heard was that she was nice." I say, they all roll their eyes. "And that her name is Grace Grey..."

"Wait..." They all say.

"That's Skylar's last name!" Says David.

"Well no really!" Says Nathan, rolling his eyes.

"They're sisters." I say. "Why hasn't she told me she has a sister?"

"More importantly." Says Eric. "Why hasn't she told me?"

I point my look at him, shaking my head. 

"We should all mail her when we get home." I say. "Or at least one of us."

"Yeah." Says Cara. "Maybe she has a decent explanation."

"She better." Says Nathan. 

We all continue about our day, and that's when The Chief finally comes with Grace and introduces us.

"Laura, this is Grace." He says. "Grace this is Laura." 

"Hello." We say, shaking hands.

"Laura is also pretty knew, so you aren't the only new person around here." He says.

"Yeah, if you have any questions, you can always ask me." I smile. 

"Thank you." She smiles. 

"Well, I'm gonna go now." Says The Chief, looking at his phone. "I'll see you all later!"

"Okay bye!" I say.

"Thank you for showing me around!" Says Grace, The Chief smiles and walks away.

As I look more at Grace, I notice she looks a lot like Skylar. They have the same colour hair, same nose, but Grace has hazel eyes.

"What are you working on?" She asks, shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing, just looking over my patients charts." I say. "Today has been really easy, nothing big."

"Cool." She smiles.

We continue talking and get on the topic of family, now is my chance to see what's up.

"What's up with your family?" She asks first.

"They're in Canada, I don't have any siblings." I say. "My mom is a surgeon, while my father is a police officer."

"Wow, your family really does help the world." She smiles.

"Yeah, I guess." I shrug. "What about you? How's your family?"

"My mom is a veterinarian and my dad is trying to find a job, and I have a sister, who is in the army." She sighs. "It also turns out I have another sister." I raise my eyebrow is question. "My dad and mom just told my sister and I that we have an older half-sister, it's why I haven't spoken to my family in a long time."

"Well, this is a huge coincidence." I laugh.

"What?" She raises her eyebrow.

"Your sister, her name is Skylar Grey, by the way, is actually the person that you are filling in for right now." I say.

"Wait..." She says. "Wow...."

"Yeah." I laugh.

"Damn..." She says. "Can you tell me something about her?"

"Well, actually I have to go, but we can get lunch tomorrow?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure." She smiles.

We get up and shake hands again, I say goodbye and walk away.

I can't believe that Skylar has a sister, not just A sister but TWO! And she hasn't even spoken ONCE about her, then again, we don't really talk about family... But still! You'd think she'd talk about her siblings. I'll just write to her.... 

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