14. The Replaced Wife

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Last night's encounter was suffice to weaken my strength for further bearing the whole scenario. Ashar's threats and rage scared me to death. I was too weak to fight against those powerful people.

His anger indicated that there was no way that could make him listen to me or understand me. He sounded like he was planning to crush me or worse.

I had no family, no relative who could support me or defend me in this situation. I was not sure how I was going to get out of this trap, clearing my name and image at the same time.

However, I couldn't bring myself to hate Ashar. I was more sad than angry to witness his other side of personality.

I knew that once the truth would become known to everyone, Hobsons would get angry with me. And I was sure if I would have been at Ashar's place and similar thing would have happened to me then I would have acted in a same way like Ashar did.

I knew he was not a bad person, he was just angry.

"What happened to your arm?" Matt Hobsons inquired.

I was currently in Hobsons mansion because Matt Hobsons called me in the morning to come over.

My stress level was only rising. Last night, Ashar came to my place to show his hatred towards me, now his father called me and I didn't know the reason yet, but I could feel that the reason was not good because Hobsons were only a bad news for me.

"I fell." I lied.

I self-dressed my wound last night and it was a lot better than before.

Ashar's father looked somewhat similar to him; like they shared the same hair color and almost same height. Their shape of lips was little bit similar as well.

However, unlike Ashar, he seemed more determined, stiff and strangely graceful. Ashar's aura was more friendly and generous, but his father seemed dangerously serious and stern.

Besides the aging factor which was clearly visible on his face, his skin was craggy with prominent creases on forehead. He covered his eyes with elegant, but delicate pair of glasses which was increasing his sternness.

"I've no strong evidence to prove myself innocent in the entire matter. But sir, believe me. I was never interested in this marriage. Samara dragged into this forcibly." I attempted to defend myself in front of him.

He narrowed his eyes, "Both of you women thought that the entire family can be easily fooled, right? Samara putting entire blame on you and here, you're putting all blaming on her. Can you please stop this blame-game? Everything has been disclosed."

Samara was blaming me? 

Although, she knew the truth, still she was not telling the truth to them. 

Matt removed his overcoat and hanged it on his office chair, placing his hands on it.

"Sanaya Frances, you are lucky that I'm not charging you for the fraud because I want to protect my family's and business's reputation."

"What are you trying to say?" I rubbed my temple nervously.

"I won't beat around the bush and get directly to my point." He took few steps towards me, "Bring your stuff here. From now, you'll be living here not as a family member, but how should I say, like a captive?"

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