Chapter 12

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Sunday 31st of October

"So Pa and I will be out all day, we won't be back until late tonight alright?" Maribel explained to her daughter.

"Alright Ma, I'll see you tomorrow" Santana said as she gave her mother a hug and watched her leave.

Maribel and Raphael had a last minute meeting booked out of town and wouldn't back home until the early hours of the next morning.

It was Halloween; a holiday Santana never really liked. She didn't like dressing up, she couldn't be bothered to trick or treat and she didn't see any point in decorating a house for just one night.

Santana picked up her phone and dialled her favourite person's number.

"Hey Britt Britt"

"Hi San"

"So my parents are out all day and won't be home until after midnight. Wanna come over?" Santana offered.

"I'd love to San but it's Halloween. I have family plans. Don't you have plans?" Brittany said.

"No. I don't really like Halloween" Santana said.

"What!" Brittany gasped. "Halloween is the 3rd best holiday. Okay, today you're going to come over and do Halloween with the Pierce's. I guarantee by the end of the day you'll love Halloween" She promised.

"Alright... Fine. But only for you."

"Great! Come over in half an hour" Brittany told her.

"Okay, see you soon"


Although Santana was reluctant to be doing Halloween activities, she was excited to spend the day with the girl she loved and her family.


"Hey baby" Brittany greeted the Latina on her doorstep.

"Hi" Santana said with a smile as she leant in for a quick kiss.

Brittany stepped aside to let Santana into the house. She greeted Brittany's parents as they welcomed her into their home.

"TANA!" Santana heard a voice from behind her squeal. She whipped her head around and her body followed suit. "Hey kiddo" she said to Zoe as she ran up and jumped into the Latina's arms.

"You excited for Halloween?" Santana asked the little girl.

"Yep. I get to dress up and eat candy!" Zoe replied excitedly.

Santana set the girl back down onto the floor. Zoe grabbed her by the wrist and lead her into the kitchen where Susan, David and Brittany were stood around the table waiting. 4 pumpkins were set out on the table with a selection of knives, spoons and bowls. Zoe climbed onto the chair in between where her parents were stood and stood up on it so she was level with the adults.

Santana walked over to her favourite Pierce and stood next to her. She wrapped her arm around Brittany's waist and smiled at her.

"Pumpkin carving is part 1 of the Pierce Halloween traditions" Brittany explained. "We do it every year."

"Unfortunately, we only have 4 pumpkins since we weren't expecting you when we bought them." David apologised. "You're welcome to have mine and I'll just help Zoe"

"No, no. Thank you for the offer but I'll just help Britt with hers." Santana politely declined. Brittany smiled at her. She loved watching how kind and loving Santana was towards her family.

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