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Once I saw the different colors of life –

Love and strength and colors and strife.

Amidst the waves of anxiety and thrill,

My eyes feasted on and had its fill.

I saw basketball and falling snow,

Fashion shows and news that flow,

Music and boy bands and angst that wrecks,

Beer and smokes and (un) censored sex,

Stone Butterfly* and happy friends,

That cute mascot Lili and fun that never ends,

Liquor bottles and the hippest trends

And the great terror that war always sends,

Foreign bands and flying darts,

The thrill and excitement of martial arts,

Flying fists – is that Holyfield?

Private wars, candy and the “boos” it can wield,

Overtime and colors so bright

Reflecting the visions of the poems I write….

All that is life that I cannot comprehend,

I beheld on the screen with hope without end.

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