Part 2

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After 6 yrs

Anika is sitting in a staff room with almost ten people and checking copies when a little 5 yrs baby came running there who is crying bitterly.  his sleeves had been  torn as well as  all clothes had been  almost dirty with mud.

Ani. Shavi baby what happened she got panic to seeing his jaan is crying hysterically. She run towards him and set on her knees infront of him

Ani. My baby what happened . Who did it. Will u care to tell me

Shavi. Mumma he said I'm a bad boy who don't have a papa. My father left me bcz he don't likes me. He sobbed and throw himself in his mumma's arms don't cry u r strong boy na and u know strong boy doesn't cry

Shavi. Yes mumma  strong boy doesn't cry but when ever someone ask me about my daddy then I feel so bad. Mumma where is my  daddy why he don't come to meet me. My all friends have daddy but I don't have.  He sobbed and hide himself in his mother's warmth

Miss senha. Don't know whose dirty blood he is. . No I mean miss Anika why u don't tell ur son where is his father.  u would be know about it. Or u don't remember him. I'mean to say  like u girls keep many men in their lives. It's been 5 yrs I didn't see ur husband nor u told us who is his father.

Mr sharma. How will she tell us when she itself doesn't onke.  I'm sure he is result of some dirty night. I had asked principle to not give her job but he still gave to her. But now it's became every day drama. Bcz of  her son many students are leaving just bcz he fight with them. By the way it's not mistake of this baby , its mistake of his mother who doesn't tell him who's his father .that's the reason he beat others kids when they question him about his father.

Ani. It's enough  I'm not speaking anything that's doesn't mean u will point out fingure on me and my son.  So what if he don't have a father son's mother  is alive and it's enough for him.  I'm only his mother and father and I think no one should have problem with it.although I don't beg u to give food to my baby I earn enough to fulfill my baby's needs .

Stop it  miss Anika. Now I'm fed up to seeing all this. Ur son fight with other kids and u fight with teachers. I don't want more problems in my school. That time I gave to u  job bcz of ur ability but never know that I will pay for it  so badly. Now it's enough I can't let u play with my school reputation. Resign this job miss Anika and take ur son also from here we don't need u now principle spoke who entered in room before few minutes

Ani. Don't do this plz. What will I do I don't have any other source of earning. I promise it won't happens again

Pr. I don't care just get out with ur naughty kid. We don't want u any more.

Ani. Sir. Plz give me sometime I'll make him understand he won't fight again. Plz sir

Pr. No means no I was bearing all those bcz u saved this school to fell down but I've already helped u a lot so I don't think so I need to do more. Just take ur remaining salary and get out from here

Anika sobbed and left picking up her baby.

On bus station

Shavi.mumma why we don't take auto to go home

Ani. Baby mumma don't have enough money so we will go by bus.

Man. Ara madam today is strike of buses so bus won't come today.

Ani. Oh it's ok thanks for telling me. Saying this she started walking holding her baby in her arms.

Shahveer. Mumma put me down I can walk. U will get tired

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