Precious Memories~~Chapter 2

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<P>Chapter 2 </P>

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<P>Getting ready for this "date" was a struggle. Derrick sat on the chair next to my bed and offered his opinion on everything. </P>

<P>"That outfit is too cute." He said in disgust. "You're showing too much of your legs. I don't like it. I don't like the idea of you going on a date. Why can't you invite me and Katherine to go with you?"</P>

<P>I looked me over in the full length mirror that was attached to my closet door. I wasn't showing too much of my legs; I was wearing my light blue skinny jeans. My blank tang top was showing more of my skin than my jeans. It showed a lot cleavage. Made my boobs look bigger. But since I already had big boobs I decided to change my shirt.</P>

<P>I walked in to my closet and looked for another shirt.</P>

<P>"Derrick its only one date. Relax its not going to kill me." I shouldn't have said that. Oops.</P>

<P>"You don't know this guy. He could be dangerous."</P>

<P>"I know he's not dangerous." i said while digger through my walk in closet for a perfect top to wear. "And the whole point of a date is to get to know someone." That's when I saw the perfect shirt. The tank was white and had a pink ribbon on the front. It said in bold letters on the back: </P>


<P>I discarded the black one for the breast cancer tang top. I walked out of the closet in my new shirt and looked at Derrick.</P>

<P>"I hate that shirt. Go change, now." I winced at the venom in his voice</P>

<P>"Do you prefer the black one? It had my breasts hanging out." I said in a matter-of -fact tone.</P>

<P>"I don't care. Take it off. Do you really want people to know what's wrong with you?"</P>

<P>I stood in disbelief at what he just said.</P>

<P>"What <I>is</I> wrong with me, Derrick?" </P>

<P>Silence; He looked like he was out of it, as if he wasn't listening to me and was in a trance. I was hurt that he would say something like that.</P>

<P>"Ugh. Whatever, Derrick." And I went downstairs towards the front door. That's when I saw Mom and Dad sitting at the kitchen table. Dad seemed angry and mom looked startled. </P>

<P>I knew I was going to be late if I didn't get going now but I had to know what was going on.</P>

<P>I walked to the table to join them and asked a simple common question:</P>

<P>"What's up?"</P>

<P>But of course the reply was never as simple. </P>

<P>"What the hell do you thinks up? Your mother's attitude, that's what."</P>

<P>"O-Kay," I said and pivoted towards the front door again, until my father called, "Where are you going?"</P>

<P>I kept for my goal: the front door.</P>

<P>"I told you already. I'm going on a date tonight." I opened the door and blocked out all of their voices. The tiny little voice in my head was telling me enough, I didn't need Mom, Dad or Derrick adding on to it.</P>

<P>I ran in to the Nissan Maxima my parents brought for me shortly after I found out I was going to die. It was upsetting that they would actually buy me pity gifts <I>but</I> a car <I>is</I> a car and it was a nice <I>red</I> car.</P>

<P>I started the engine put the car in drive and drove to the restaurant Dr. Donavon James asked me to meet his son at.<BR>Come to think of it I didn't even know his name, what he looked liked or anything else for that matter. How would I know who to expect while I'm waiting?</P>

<P>Maybe he will already be there waiting for me. The closer I was to the restaurant the more anxious I felt. I parked the car went to the restaurant and held my reservation.</P>

<P>I sat and stared at the costumers walk in and out of the door. I sat and waited and wondered what he would be like.</P>

<P> </P>

<P> </P>

<P> </P>

<P>I WAITED two whole hours for the doctor's kid and he never showed up. Eventually sitting alone was getting to be a bit embarrassing, so I stood and walked out.</P>

<P>This had to be a joke! He wanted a favor-one that I repeatedly refused- and I went along with it only to be stood up!</P>

<P>I walked out of the restaurant and headed to my car inside of the parking lot. Not a quarter of the way there did I hear some guys calling out for me.</P>

<P>I looked over my shoulder to see four guys who seemed absolutely wasted.</P>

<P>"Hey! Sexy! Come and play with me!" the tallest one yelled.</P>

<P>"You look delicious I just want to eat you up." Said A short guy with piercing in left eyebrow.</P>

<P>I kept my pace but made sure I was a certain distance from the four guys. I notice the two other guys just staring at me. One of them was the shortest of all and the last was the second tallest, not as tall as the first one but not much shorter. If I had to guess I would say he was six feet exactly. He had extremely sexy eyes and he filled out his t-shirt completely.</P>

<P>"Why don't you tell me your name?" the tallest asked.</P>

<P>"Why don't you tell me yours?" I stopped and turned around towards the guys. </P>

<P>The guy with the piercing pointed a finger at himself. "I'm Evan." He pointed at the tallest, "this is Aaron." </P>

<P>He pointed towards the short one, "This is David and my other buddy over there is Kaedon," He said finally to the sexy one with the cute eyes.</P>

<P>"It's nice to meet you all but I gotta get going." I turned and began to walk to my car again. Until, Aaron pulled on my forearm and pulled my body up against his. We were chest to chest, abdomen to abdomen, thighs to thighs. It was not a comfortable position.</P>

<P>I looked up into his eyes and saw that his pupils were dilated and watched as they filed with desire.</P>

<P><I>Oh my, gosh! What do I do?</I> I tried to think of what I should do next. So, I just pressed my palms flat on his chest and tried to shove him away before he tried anything stupid.</P>

<P>That's when I heard Kaedon voice yell: "Aaron? What are you doing?"</P>

<P>And then he bent his head and covered his lips with mine.</P></P>

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