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"Let's go somewhere else" Billie grabbed my hand

Pulled back onto her hand pulling her body into mine

"Mamas where the fuck we finna go?" I ask
"Your room"she grinned
I shook my head

"Why not?"
"There're people in there" I said
"So we'll kick them out come on" she tried pulling me

"Baby..." She whinnied
"I have an idea" I looked at her and grabbed her hand and lead her out the door

We walked down the stairs and headed to my car

"Where are we going?" She asked
"Just get in okay?" I said firmly

We hopped in the car and got out of the driveway there were a lot of people because my house was packed but I managed to get out

As I pulled up to a stop sign I felt Billies eyes stare at me and I grinned

"What?" She asked
"I didn't say anything mamas"
I continued to drive not looking at Billie and when we got to a red light I put my hand on her thigh

She breathed in heavily as I moved my hand up
She bit her lip so hard and grabbed my hand to move it up more but I kept my hand right where it was

"Stop teasing me" she said very lightly and calmly

I tightened my grip on her thigh as the light turned green and let go of her and just smiled

"What's on your schedule tomorrow baby girl" I looked at her licking my lips

"Um- I actually have a free day tomorrow no shoots no interview or commercials nothing" she stuttered

"Really so do I get to see you or, you tryna see drew and Zoe?" I asked

"Im gonna see them but that doesn't mean I don't wanna see you and I still could" she said

"Awh so you really tryna see them instead of me.." I said and laughed after

"Nah I'm playin but why can't you bring em"
"Drew isn't crazy about you and you know that"
"Yeah you right, whatever I'll just hit the studio I guess"

"Is that where were going?" Billie asked
I just smiled and gave her side eye

"I like it when you call me baby girl" Billie said grinning

I said nothing and kept driving

Billie put her hand on my thigh and moved it towards my dick.
She then placed her hand on my dick and started feeling it up.

I didn't want to resist but I felt like I had to

"Baby stop" I picked her hand off of me
"Que please" she said

"No mamas you know we can't" I said looking at her
"Can you bring me home?" She asked
"No what? Why?" I asked
"Cause I wanna" she said

"Nah mamas we were bout to go to the studio" I said
"I want to go home plus it's late now" she said
"Late? It's literally only 10:08 pm"

"Yea that's late Que" I looked at her confused
"Okay mama if das whatcu want"

As I was driving Gawa called and I put him on speaker

"Yeo crodie where you at?"
"I'm taking Bil home I'll be there in like 15"

"Ight also stop disappearing man just tell us when you finna cut" Gawa said
"Yuh Ight imma see you in 15 make sure you got some shit for me" I said forgetting Billie was in the car

"Seriously?" Billie said

"Ight" Gawa hung up

"Shit mama look-" she cut me off
"No it's okay I just don't like the fact that it's slowly killing you, but it okay it's your decision I just not tryna loss you" she but her elbow against the car door and looked out the window

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