Chapter 3

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Some of you thought Marriage Ed was a little cliche, but I can't really think of any other projects .. I'll try to put a twist to it.


    "Our project will be on Marriage Ed," Mrs. Knies began, "You and your partner will experience what it is like to be married." Then she gave us a hard stare, "And nothing physical is allowed."

    Some of the girls started giggling like crazy. I rolled my eyes.

    "You will have to earn money, like real married couples do. Real money. Yes, that would require a job. You and your partner have to work together on that job," she continued, "You will report back to the counselor at least once every week, to prove your progress."

    Joy, I thought sarcastically. Not only do I have to be pretend married to Seb, now I have to spend more time with him.

    Mrs. Knies spent the rest of class talking about what we were required to do.

    "Did I mention this yet? This project decides your final grade for the quarter."

    "What?!" I was so shocked, I didn't realized I said it out loud.

    "Is there a problem, Julie?"

    I glanced over at Seb, and then back at Mrs. Knies. "Is there any possibilities of getting a new partner?"

    "No, my decission is final," she was so trying to torture me.

    "Please, I'll do anything!" I was literally begging now.

    "Wow, that hurts," I turned to look at Seb. He had one hand over his heart, pretending to be insulted.

    I brushed my brown hair out of my face as I glared at him.

    "Sorry Julie," Mrs. Knies said just as the bell rang. Everyone rushed out of the classroom, whispering about Marriage Ed. I bet they were excited. "I'm sure you and Seb will do fine!"

    I knew I had to give in. I sighed, faked a smile and said thanks. I walked out of the classroom with Seb following.

    I ignored him as I walked to my locker. Liv and I always met at my locker after second period, since we have next class together.

    "Ok, so let's just get this over with," Seb started to say, "What kind of job are we deciding on?"

    I was just about to answer when I saw Liv's dirty blonde hair in the crowd.

    She slowed down when she saw Seb.

    "Oh hey, you guys met."

    "Umm, ya, we've met .." Seb started

    ".. Because we have the same classes," I interupted him.

    "Oh, that's cool," she didn't look so happy about it. Then she smiled. "I heard you guys have Marriage Ed. I'm so glad I don't have Mrs. Knies!"

    "Isn't the whole grade doing it?"

    "Really? Well that sucks." Liv said, "Who did you get paired up with?"

    "This guy," I pointed to Seb, and rolled my eyes.

    "Oh." I could tell Liv was not happy about that. Then I remembered why. Right, the date. Liv liked to have her guy all to herself.

    "Anyways, I'll, uh, leave you guys alone since you .. " I made some weird gestures with my hand. I was pretty sure they knew what I was talking about.

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