Mera- Bar (c)

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"So how often do you come here?" You questioned the beautiful red head that was sat beside you.

"To this bar or out of the water?" She laughed, removing the cap from her bottle of beer.

You shrugged your shoulders. "Either."

"First time to this bar," she stated, taking a swig of her drink. "I've been to different lands before. It is not common for me to, but it certainly isn't unheard of. It is a marvellous place, very different to my home."

You nodded, holding onto every word. When you first met Mera you were completely enchanted by her, there was something that made her stand out, other than her vibrant red hair. She was different to other women whom you had met, and you were completely endeared by her. It was an odd thing to come across, but she was nice once you got to know her and soon enough you had been on a few date and learned the truth about her. She wasn't from any place you could have guessed, rather being from a city thought to be that of only legend. She was a Princess from Atlantis.

At first you thought she was trying to make a joke but soon enough she offered you the proof that you sought and although it seemed odd and completely unheard of, you still liked her. Mera was charming and even if she breathed under water it wasn't going to make you like her any less.

"I can imagine," you smirked, putting your drink up to your lips. "It's less wet."

A gentle smile curled onto her lips as she trying to look angry at you, but it wasn't possible to believe. She was too cute when she smiled to ever seem angry.

"It is certainly a valid observation," she commented.

"Well I've never been to Atlantis so I can hardly comment on any other differences. Well I can make educated guess coming from what we are taught about it in children's stories," you shrugged.

"I am sure they aren't overly factual," she stated. "We are taught about your lands throughout education so although it is certainly odd to experience, it isn't too peculiar as in theory I know about it."

"Beautiful and education. What more could I ask for in a woman?" You laughed attempting to flirt with her, but it certainly didn't sound as suave as you had hoped.

"Maybe they should also have red hair?" She asked, offering you a romantic glance.

"They certainly should."


Written by Charlotte.

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