Chapter 8

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"Knock! knock!" Fatima stepped into my office.
"Good morning ma" she greeted as she jammed my door shut..

"Morning Fatima, how are you?" I asked not even bothering to look up at her as I was busy with the files of  prospective employees...

"I'm fine ma" she replied.
"The GM wants to see you in his office ma" she continued......

"Why?" I asked finally looking up to fix my gaze on her, a little bit startled as well.....

"Well he didn't say ma" Fatima responded with her usual mannerism.

"OK I'll see him when I'm done" I dismissed her.


"Good morning sir" I greeted as I stepped into bankole's office. He didn't seem to notice another person enter his office as he was standing with his back facing the door obviously lost in thought. Bankole's office was also a large space, too large if you ask me, you could literally run a 30 metre dash in his office. Tastefully furnished with mahogany befitting of an executive of his calibre, the office was understandably bequeathed with an articulated view of the ocean.
"Excuse me sir"..... I said with more purpose in my voice this time around earning a jerk from him as he turned back to look at me.
"you wanted to see me sir?" I asked

"Oh yes I did!" He replied with a distracted look on his face... "Come on in" he gestured for me to take a seat as he sank into his throne if we're being utterly descriptive.
"I have a meeting with the board of directors by 10 am"..... " and I'm supposed to give an assessment on the disposition of the employees towards the new ownership".. He didn't even bother to look up at me as he was busy clattering his fingers on his computer.
..."but if you ask me honestly I don't really care"..... "And that's why you're here" he continued, finally looking up at me with a gaze so penetrating I could almost instantly feel there was more to my being in his office this morning.
"And since you are the head of the HR  unit, you should be better informed about the disposition of the staff"

....."OK sir" I replied in the humblest way I know because I wasn't in the mood to be at the receiving end of some toxic masculinity.

"And immediately after that"... He continued, resuming his clattering  on the keyboard of his computer... "I have to meet the French ambassador to Nigeria and your file here says you're fluent in French?" He looked up at me with a mischievous smirk.
What the fuck! Is he trying to throw me off my balance again?

"Well fluent is a strong word sir" I replied with as much modesty as was required... "I would prefer the term conversational"

... "That will do" he asserted as he stood up from his seat. "You can go now"......

" thank you sir" I replied standing up, happy to be done with my most awkward conversation yet.

"One more thing" he said, as I was about to leave. Urrrh! What the hell does he want this time.
"There is a meet 'n' greet with the Governor elect of the state later today"....... " and I'd like you to be my date". Me!!! You must be out of your fucking mind, what would I be doing there for God's sake, making you look good obviously.

I sucked in a lungful of breath, exhaled relaxedly and turned to look at him. "Do I have a choice sir?" I asked, earning a smile from him.

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