Chapter 14.2

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Kathryn made her way to the hotel towers where The Order resided. As she went up the elevator she contemplated her thoughts and her first objective was to find Kuro. As the doors opened she stepped into the foyer and Craig and Laura, the usual, were seated on the couch.
"Don't you guys ever leave this place?" she asked the couple and they just gave her a look, both with eyebrows raised, then at each other and giggled.
Kathryn headed to Rex's office to ask where Kuro was but instead ran into Maxine.
"Rex is busy," she said to her, "What do you want?"
"Uhm,  I was actually looking for Kuro."
Maxine folded her arms and narrowed her eyes, "What do you want with him?"
"It's rather urgent. And a bit of a private matter," Kathryn said, avoiding her penetrating stare.
Maxine eyed her from head to toe, "I'll take you to him."
As Kat was about to decline, Maxine began to storm off and grabbed keys off of the counter in the foyer. She knew that she was being watched by Slayers outside the building. This may actually be a good look as it would give the impression that she was getting her task completed set out by Nathan.
But her thoughts also lingered towards Seth and how he was doing with his quest. Knowing damn well that executing such a kill would definitely mark a bounty on Seth's head which would give reign to any reaper or acolyte to kill Seth at first sight.

As the two ladies drove out of the city to suburbia, Kat collected her thoughts.
"Maxine," she asked and Maxine kept her face ahead with a resting face of disdain. 
Kat continued, "The Order, are they truly a guild that you can trust?"
Maxine shot her a look of contempt, "What the fuck kind of question is that?"
The car pulled off into the emergency lane and came to a screeching halt. Maxine turned her body to face Kathryn.
In fear, she replied quickly, "It's just that... Nathan used to speak so highly of The Order and to my understanding of the hostility between Kuro and Nathan, they used to be a team. Am I wrong?"
"No, but what does this have to do with what you initially asked?"
"My brother, Daniel, is still under the Slayers. And well, with Kuro's kindness I was welcomed into The Order. I just wish the same to happen to my brother."
Maxine folded her arms and Kathryn went on.
"Seth is helping me trying to get Daniel out of the group but Nathan has really kept his eyes out. I posed myself as trying to get back into the Slayers, along with Seth. Nathan, of course, was not trusting a word I said and sent me on a quest to prove my loyalty. Seth too. But if neither one of us, especially me, gets the job done - my brother..."
"And what was your quest?" Maxine said through her teeth, "If you plan to sabotage The Order for the sake of your brother, I needn't mention what will become of you."
"That's why I told you this. Nathan has sent someone to watch that I get it-"
The road around the car tore up as earthly spikes stabbed through every space of the vehicle. 
A woman landed on the tip of one of the spikes and inspected the car but neither one of the women were inside. 
Maxine fell from the sky in a fit of rage and swung at the mysterious woman who dodged each swing with grace and leapt away to create distance. Kathryn flashed right next to Maxine.
"Shrike," Kathryn said.
"A friend of yours?" Maxine asked.
Kat nodded, "One of our - their - strongest Slayers."
"I knew you'd betray us, Kitty Kat," Shrike said, "Nobody is forgiven by Nathan. Even you knew that."
Kat grabbed her scythe and Maxine remembered what was said in the meeting. She stretched her arm in front of Kathryn, "Don't you dare."
"She fucked up my car. This bitch is mine. You are to not get involved!"
Maxine took off her leather jacket and stood ready. 
"Fair in height, dirty blonde hair, freckles, and grey-blue eyes... The boys must really fancy you," Shrike said as she stood at 190 centimetres, bony frame with ghoul white skin. Around her eyes, she wore a black shade from one ear to the next, resembling the bird that she named herself after. She wielded a spear which reminded Maxine of Rex's scythe which took shape of any polearm. 
Some cars were approaching and Shrike flashed out of sight but Maxine followed her.
As the civilians drove casually, a family in their car screamed as Shrike appeared above the windshield but Maxine appeared and caught her spear from piercing the glass into the father of the family. Shrike flashed away to another car and it soon became a game of cat and mouse. 
Eventually, Maxine seized Shrike by a simple touch on her shoulder and sent a blast from the tip of her finger, sending the Slayer flying into the woods off of the side of the road. Kathryn followed for this was a fight that she needed to witness.

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