A new world

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(A/N) I know the protagonists from every game are different, but I thought this way it would make a little more sense for the story. A tired protagonist that never gets any breaks. Anyways, enough talk, time for some reading!


The Ashen One, The Lord of Hollows, Bearer of the Curse, Chosen Undead. So many titles for one person. The person's name? Y/N. He lost his surname long ago, so many memories filled his mind before he went hollow, but now his memories only consist of the enemies he's beaten. The friends he's had, the enemies. Pathways, and how to fight. Always how to fight.

Finally, he would be free from his curse. Broken from the bonds of fate that had tied him down to his lifestyle of the permanent cycle of life and death. He finally aquired a Dark Soul, after forcing to kill his friend because he went hollow. He lost count of how many times he had to do that.

He sighed as he climbed the immense ladder to where the girl who painted sat. When he arrived, sure enough, she was painting. He didn't waste time. He gave her the Dark Soul, and ignored everything she had to say.

Y/N grunted and turned away from the girl as she continued painting. He walked over to a table, shoved all of the books off of it, and began stripping down. He placed his armor on the table, which consisted of his Elite Knight set as well as many others in his bottomless pit of a bag. He mainly liked using his Elite Knight armor, using Lorians' greatsword and The Shield of Want. The old warrior started stretching.  He did have quite a bit of souls, but he couldn't wait to finally leave this accursed world for the last time and finally be free from his undead curse.

Y/N: 'Perhaps I should visit the Fire Keeper before I leave.' He pondered his options.

The tired man re-equipped his stuff and headed for the long ladder. He slid down it and down to the bonfire.

Y/N : 'Hopefully she'll be done by the time I'm back.' He thought as he transported back to the Firelink Shrine.

As he arrived, things looked different. Strangely different. Not in a bad way, things were just darker. I guess he had to get used to living in the dark for the time being, it finally becoming the age of darkness.

The warrior approached the Fire Keeper.

Firekeeper: "Welcome, Lord of Hollows. Lend me your souls, and perhaps I may make you stronger."

The Ashen one grunted in response and kneeled at her feet. He left out an arm, and began the process of getting stronger. He was already pretty maxed out in most categories from the sheer amount of experience he had, but, it wouldn't hurt to be able to max out everything. Finally he finished, and stood up.

Firekeeper: "I hear you're going to part from this world. I am sorry to hear that. I just have one question.... who will lead the new Age of Darkness?"

Y/N grunted at this, turned away, and walked to the bonfire. Honestly, he couldn't care about it at this point. Fuck this world and everything about it. He returned to the painted world and up in the attic of the old cathedral.

Little Girl: "Ah! You've returned! Gael hasn't yet, but I'll bet he'll be glad to know I've completed the painting! I just hope mother would be proud."

Y/N placed his hand on the girl's shoulder and nodded. He turned from her, and walked to the painting.

Y/N: 'Finally. Free.' He thought, with so much glee. Finally he could be free from constantly in combat, constantly afraid of what's around the corner. He can finally rest. Finally die...

The armored warrior approached the freshly painted canvas, his hand outstretched. Before long, he was being sucked in. The last thing he saw before entering the new world, was a shattered moon.

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