Chapter 1- At the party...I can feel his eyes on me! *Part 1*

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At the PARTY!!!!!

When we had arrived at the party it was at a lake with a big bon fire "I'm going to mingle!!" she shot off into the crowd, while I went to go find someone I knew. I was walking toward the fire when someone covered my eyes and spun me around to face them, but before I could do or say anything my mouth was covered by another for a kiss before I slapped his shoulder and pulled back

"I have a boyfriend and he'd be pretty pissed if he saw me making out with a random stranger!!" I told Connor with a small smile on my face "oh I don't think he'll mind much especially if he saw it was a handsome random stranger!" Connor said "Oh then what are you still doing here I need to find Jack!" I said pretending to turn away.

He put on a hurt look "Oh its jack dang it I knew it! I knew it!!!" "oh hush babe, you know I would choose you any day compared to him." I whispered sliding my hands up his chest and around his neck, while he put his hands on my waist, I looked up into his bright brown eyes as he leaned down and kissed me it was just small brush of lip, but then he kissed me again only this time harder this time I opened my mouth and his tongue came in.

----------- UNKNOWN P.O.V--------------

I was concealed in the darkness by the trees as I stared out at the lake with the party to my back. I have to find her..... I thought to myself, When I felt it at first It was just a small sense then it happened again this time more powerful that I snapped my head back and scanned the crowd until, I found her she was standing by the fire which illuminated her chocolate waves that fell down her back and made her brown eyes sparkle, after I stopped staring at her eyes I actually got a good look at her, she had black jeans with a purple halter top and black leather jacket and boots. She looked familiar, but I would certainly remember her if we had met before. I watched her for a few moments, when a guy with brown hair and a build that said jock, grabbed her from behind turned her around an kissed her. I focused on him he had on black jeans, a dark green polo, black and green sneakers with a black leather jacket. They broke apart a he said something that made her laugh I don't know why, but I was tempted to listen to their conversation when they started kissing again. I decided it was time that I left. I looked back one last time when the name rose popped in my head "ROSE!!!!" I mentally thought, her had snapped up and she looked right at me as I disappeared into the night................................

-----------------ROSE P.O.V-----------------

While I was kissing Connor I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me, I was ignoring it, but then I heard a deep male voice say "ROSE!" in my head. I snapped my head up and I spotted a male figure by the lake he was mostly concealed by the trees, but when I blinked he was gone.

What in the world? Where did he go? I thought looking around I must be losing it there's no one there! I convinced myself.

"Rose!" Connor's voice snapped me out of my head

"Huh? What? Oh I'm sorry!" I told him I knew I must have been blushing because my face felt hot.

"Are you alright babe?" he asked pulling back a little to look me in the eyes, his hands were on my waist he was moving his thumbs in circles on my skin and was sending little shivers up my spine.

"Yeah sorry I was distracted." I told him "oh really by what???" he asked with an innocent expression while he was pulling me closer. "Oh I don't know, I completely forgot guess it wasn't important!" "Oh really well let's see if we can jog your memory, hmm... was it this?" He asked before giving me a kiss "or this..." placing little kiss on my lips and neck. "All of the above!" I said right before I kissed him.

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