Chapter Four

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"Looks like the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Wally said, his head cocked to the side as he slowly approached Weather Witch.

"Oh, you're a poet. Great" Weather Witch replied sarcastically. "Where's my dad?"

Wally's eyes then shifted, prompting Weather Witch to turn around. Standing behind her were the Flash and Mardon.

"Alright, Joss. We held up our end of the bargain"  Flash said but not before Mardon cut him off, rolling his eyes at how boring and effortless the hero's speech seemed.

"I can take it from here. Hey, baby girl" Mardon said charmingly as he took a few steps toward the  vengeful teenager. "That's a pretty cool staff you got there. Why don't you just power that thing off for a second and let your dad try?"

But Joss seemed to have anticipated that her father would try to reason with her. She felt it was better not to trust him.

"Try this" she challenged as she pointed the staff up to the sky, causing a stroke of lightning to hit Mardon with sunshine yellow truck.

Wally and Barry winced at the incident.

"Don't feel bad. He was a selfish dick who abandoned his family" Weather Witch explained. "Anway, thanks for helping me drop a truck on my dad".

But as she turned to leave, her staff made contact with the truck; lifting it off of Mardon with the wheels pointing towards the sky. Her eyes widened in shock and her heart filled with rage as she realized he had only been a hologram. As the hologram glitched and threatened to lose connection, Iris was at a loss over what to do. The second she opened her mouth to ask for the next step, Caitlin's name showed up on her phone.

"Caitlin, how's it going? Is everything okay with the baby?" Iris asked.

Her brows furrowed in confusion for a moment as Cisco answered the phone. Caitlin groaned through a contraction in the background.

"We're moving right along. But you need to tell Barry to get out here now.  Today is definitely baby day and it's not looking so great" Cisco reported.

"Hurry, Barry. Please!" Caitlin pleaded on the brink of sobbing.

"Oh my god" Iris whispered almost inaudibly as she placed her index finger and thumb around the temples of her forehead. "Okay. I'll let him know right away. Hang in there, girl. Ralph, suit up".

"Ready to go, but first I gotta stretch" Ralph joked.

Iris tilted her head to the side with a disapproving look. Even though it was in his nature when he was nervous or scared, Ralph should have known that now was not the time for a joke.

Silence consumed the labor room once Caitlin had calmed. She and Cisco were afraid that if either of them took so much as a breath, they could shatter glass. She stared at the wall as her encounter with the doctor haunted her soul, sending a shiver down her spine.


Caitlin and Cisco had been discussing baby names to keep her from thinking about the pain. The worst of yet another contraction was over.

"No Cisco" Caitlin laughed.

"What? I'm just saying that if you're going to label the kid a nerd right out of the box, Ramon is solid name" he replied, wide eyed and gesturing at the room, as if seeking support from an imaginary audience.

This was an argument he had been trying to win since he found out Caitlin was expecting.

"What if its a girl?" Caitlin asked.

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