Chapter 33

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I'm going to try and get as many updates as possible since It'll be getting busy around here.

So there's quite a few timeskips. But whatever. And I didn't really do prom. But if you would like a prom chapter let me know.

I improvised on Shay and Adam's last name as well!



"Hello Shiro." Keith said turning around to face the Male.

With Shiro was the rest of the group.

"What are you doing with him?" Shiro hissed moving closer to him.

"Wait. Shiro just let him-" it was to late.

Shiro lunged forward attacking Lance to the ground and gave him a swift punch in the face.

"Shiro don't!" Adam yelled from beside Keith.

"Shiro! Stop! Don't hurt him!" Keith shouted tears forming in his eyes as he ran to get Shiro off of his soulmate.

Matt ran towards Shiro as well and pulled him off of Lance.

"Baby?" Keith questioned getting down on his knees to help Lance get up.

"I'm okay. I deserved it." Lance groaned rubbing his cheek where Shiro had punched him.

"No you didn't." Keith growled and glared at Shiro.

"He hurt you! And now all of a sudden you're back together. Keith what the hell! He cheated on you!" Shiro spat.

Pidge stepped forward. "I'm kind of leaning towards Shiro on this one you guys. What the hell?"

Hunk and Shay took a step towards Lance and Keith.

While Matt stayed in between the group with Hailey.

"Just give him a chance to explain what happened! We were on our way to you guys! Lance didn't think it was a good idea. And he was right. I wanted him to explain what happened but clearly he isn't welcomed here. And if he isn't then neither am I. The choice is yours. Let him explain what happened or loose both of us." Keith cried.

Matt and Hailey shared a look before the couple moved towards Lance and Keith.

"We are willing to hear it." Hailey said leaning down to resting a hand on Keith's shoulder.

Pidge thought for a moment. That was her best friend and her brother over there. If Matt was willing to give Lance a chance then so should she.

Pidge moved towards the other group and away from Shiro. Matt wrapped an arm around his sisters shoulder.

"Shiro?" Matt questioned. "Are you going to let him explain himself?"

This was tearing Shiro apart. He wanted to know what exactly happened but at the same time he wanted to be pissed.

"Fine. Looks like we aren't going to First period." Shiro said reluctantly.

Keith gave a small smile. "Let's head somewhere else."

Keith got off the floor before helping Lance up.

"We can go to my house." Keith mumbled holding onto Lance's hand and lead the way out with everyone following.


"Moms here." Keith mumbled to himself.

The group walked into the house.

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