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Location: New Jersey
Day : December 25 Christmas

Mary's POV

"Hey Momma . Hey pops ." I said as I stood in front of their grave.

"How is it up there ? I bet it's beautiful." I smiled .

"It's crazy down here yo' ."

"I hope y'all have seen August and your grandchild." I couldn't stop smiling at the thought of them .

"I know y'all are taking care of them . I hope y'all are taking care of me and my brothers."

I popped the bottle of champagne and poured three cups .

I raised my glass and then drank it .
I put my flowers down .

"It's so crazy how things happen . Ethan is actually an agent. I'm sure you know pops you were the one who set this up .  I always thought he was just a regular nerd until he showed his true colors. He broke my heart multiple times . And stopped it once and almost stopped it about 2 or three times . I can't even remember.
You sure know how to pick the best bodyguards for me pops . He has done an excellent job ." I was being sarcastic about the last part .

I poured myself another glass of champagne.

"He also left me sterile for a while , but I just got surgery to fix that. Which is great. I was so scared because I thought I wasn't going to give you any grandchildren. He protected me in the most odd way . He hurt me in order to protect me . Trust me I know it makes no sense . Grayson has been an amazing help . He helps me like another big brother when Ethan is being a douche. I'm sorry pops but I got blood on my hands. I had to rescue my brothers from Ethan's crazy ex-wife . The trouble that man has put me in is crazy. I have suffered so much with him being my bodyguard . Turns out he fell in love with me . He was just supposed to protect me for a while then leave . I guess his plans changed . I understand. I care too much for everyone. I show off too much affection but that's just how I am . I got that from you momma . I wanted  to keep it 100 percent honest with y'all . I was high off of pills for a while . It was horrible.  I was at an all time low for a while after losing August. That man was my baby . See that man was an amazing human . He always took care of me like a man should. He understood the pain . He was just a beautiful soul . He filled me with a piece of eternal joy . Even though it might not seem like it , he did ." I smiled as the flashbacks of August flooded my mind .

"Ethan on the other hand has not been the best man but he's getting there . I'm slowly teaching him the definition of protection. I honestly don't think we will be together anytime soon . There's still something shady about him . I gave him a chance at repairing the busted relationship. Don't worry pops I'm keeping that gun on my hip . Trust me he's been doing some crazy shit I just had to keep it on me . I never know when he might snap . He's gone crazy over me . It's kind of terrifying. I try so hard to keep his head on . I see the hurt in his eyes . He's hurting about something. I'm leading him through it . Pop you really picked one hell of a bodyguard. Now I have one crazy life . I got his back until one day he is gone . I just can't throw all of that away. Years of pain and suffering. I need to get him through it ."

"Enough about him I know you want to know about my brothers. Chris got a babygirl . I take care of her like I'm her mother. Trey just had a baby boy . His name is Noah . Lemme tell y'all that Noah looks exactly like big bro . Both of my brothers have baby mommas not wives . I know crazy , but y'all know they attract women like no other.  We've been watching each other's backs . They keep me going forward. My brothers have become amazing men because of you pop. Don't worry momma,  Joyce has been taking care of me ." I chuckled.

"Now I'm  going through life at the top . I have no fears . All of this suffering has made me lose all emotions that tear me down . I wake up and get my money and keep it going making sure all of the people depending on me are taken care of like you said mama . I grind so hard so I can shine like this . The air seems to get thinner again as I go through life's hard obstacles. I slowly get closer to happiness.
I work so hard just to keep everything I have achieved. As long as I have a family who loves me I will never feel the dirt we once rested up on ." I took out my flask from inside of my coat and took down the Hennessy that filled it . 

"I love y'all both . I'll see y'all on New Years and Merry Christmas."I kissed their grave and walked back to the car .

It was freezing. Jersey has one hell of a winter .  I was heading to my parents secret house in the woods where the boys were waiting for me . Momma Joyce was cooking for us .

Ethan and Grayson are with their parents in the high class suburbs where I once resided .


"Mommy!" Royalty ran to me .

I crouched down and gave her a hug .

"How's it going Ro Ro ." I kissed her cheek

"Grandma is cooking with uncle Treys mommy !" She squealed in excitement.

I carried her to the kitchen.

"Hey momma J! Hey momma A !" I set Royalty down and gave Trey's mom a hug .

"Hey baby . Did you tell them everything?" Joyce spoke as she mixed some food on the stove .

"Yeah , it felt good . I feel amazing ." I smiled .

"That's good baby . I hope you're mind got cleared." She smiled so sweetly.

"The boys are waiting for you upstairs so get going. Me and April are cooking as a gift to y'all ." They both smiled .

"Thank you so much . I appreciate and love both of y'all so much ." I said to them before I ran upstairs.

I opened the door to my room and saw them talking on my bed .

"WASSSUP UP BITCHES !" I jumped in between them embracing them both into a hug .

"Hey babygirl." Chris kisses my cheek.

"Wasssup lil mama ." Trey kissed my other cheek .

"Hug?" I asked .

They looked at each other smiled and then engulfed me into their arms . I felt the love as they held me in their arms . Flash backs of our childhood flashed through my mind .
My brothers have always stuck with me through thick and thin I can't even explain how much love I have for them both .

"Maaaaan.........life is crazy ." I let out a sigh of relief knowing I'm doing great right now .

"Yes it is ." They both said in unison.

"I love y'all both so fucking much . Trust and believe I will do anything to keep you two by my side ." I kissed both of their foreheads .

"Watch your back M ." I heard them say .

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