Author's Note

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My Beautiful Sexy Readers,

Thank you for giving this book a chance. This is the first mafia-related book that either I or my co-author Leah have written, and I'm so thrilled to see it getting so many reads.

Would anyone like to see a sequel? Perhaps Chara gradually gaining control over the island mafia, becoming Alexi's trusted business partner and maybe even meeting Jak again?

If Jak even exists, that is.

Meanwhile, I'd like you to check out my latest book, Malik.

This book was co-authored by a beautiful British girl named Christine Chapel.

Christine lives in Sweden and has dated enough Swedish men to know what they're like. She tells me that native Swedish men are usually soft-spoken, gentle and respectful of women.

That's only true for men born in Sweden, however, not for Middle Eastern migrants who have recently moved to Sweden.

Christine tells me that new toffee-skinned citizens are a lot more bold, aggressive and filled with male-dominant ideas than the Swedish men she's dated.

Many people secretly wish that the migrants would behave more timidly... more Swedish.

Some Swedish women, however, are turned on by the new waves of red-blooded, high-testosterone men arriving at their shores. Some women are even having sex with these dangerous men, despite the risks to themselves and to their reputations.

If you're interested in the story of one Swedish woman and her affair with a middle eastern alpha male, check out my book Malik.

I love you.


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