Chapter 14 The Key of Fates

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Abbadon’s POV

My plan is progressing quicker than I’d hoped. Even now the veil has a tear the size of a small dragon. Night by night creatures mortals thought were myths cross over into this plain to join my ranks. My army grows and soon all my dark seers will destroy the veil completely. A new era will arise were no longer creatures of lore would be forced to hide their true forms.

With the last flap of my wings I landed atop my base. I stepped carefully through the thickets of crown of thorn bushes and headed towards the hidden entrance to my dwelling. I neared the mouth of the deep cave in the middle of the southern tip of Cuba. It laid in the tallest mountain called Pico Turquino. It was remote here and even the natives were scared to scale its heights.

The cave was hidden by overgrown passion vines, Lailah’s favorite, for I cherished that arrogant angel almost as much as Baraqijal her brother, since the moment of their creation. With her celestial wings and beautiful form she was as beautiful as I remembered. Laliah and Baraqijal were once my friends and we fought side by side. All three of us following the wishes of the arrogant gods who thought themselves our masters.

Times have changed. Everyone will have to pick a side. The wiser being mine for what’s done is done and no prophecy can seal the tear in the veil. My reign and the freedom of every angel will flood the earth and the sun will be shrouded in a haze of darkness,

Like all angels I know Leilah feels the pull towards this plane and yearns for the freedom granted to terrans. I will have to have her join our ranks, just like my consort her brother. Then she will even govern my legions as my top general ushering a new world built on the promise of freedom for our kind.

With a wave of my hand the passion vines bloomed their vibrant purple flowers and spread open to reveal the cave opening. As entered deeper into the cave my guards straightened and stood in full attention along the walls of the cave as I walked by. Most of them were Angels unjustly titled the fallen, others where vicious demons locked to my control.

The demons wore bronze rings around their necks as a simple reminder of who their master was. The Fallen wore their halos still braided in their hairs. These were my kind I would never put a collar upon their necks although even Leilah called these angels and myself the Fallen, they were simply Angels that chose freedom over the tireless limitations given to them by the gods..

Should there be such a name as Fallen for those who chose freedom over servitude? We have not fallen from heaven but chose to spread our wings towards freedom and took flight into this plain. The gods are simply in a panic as every day their once loyal armies join my ranks. The gods will soon bend their knees at our mercy.

The cave lit by braziers of divine violet fire filled the path with an eerie glow as I lead myself deeper into my home base in mouth Turquino.

Near the summit of the large mountain the cave opens to reveal a chamber large enough to hold thousands of my soldiers a mere fraction of my legions. As I entered the great space I look upon my throne. A throne built of the skulls and bones of all those angels, mortals, demons and enemies that dared oppose me.

To my delight Baraqijal was waiting for my arrival naked, arms and legs draped over the seat of my throne. If it was any other on my royal seat I would have beheaded them. Baraqijal was a different matter. He was the Angel of Astrology. A powerful Angel gifted with the abilities to manipulate and destroy all the distant stars that he felt so fond of. More importantly, he was my mate and seeing his pale body draped over my seat sent warmth to my groin.

“Enjoying the view Abaddon?” Baraqijal asked seductively.

The tightness in my armored pants was not a comfort and begged for release. Baraqijal looked willing and eager to be ravished by my unending sexual appetite.

“Guards leave the throne room at once and guard the entrances. I am not to be disturbed!” I commanded.

Everyone left the throne room as I began to remove my constricting armor.


Lailah’s POV

That fool Abaddon. I know my brother Baraqijal has joined him. The time nears where I must battle them for the sake of the veil and all the Terrans.

I didn’t leave my perch above Sacred Sun till the last guest left from the safety of its walls well past midnight. An evening with minimal disturbances, at least inside the safety of its walls.

I cloaked myself and jumped the four story building and landed gracefully on my feet. I entered the now nearly empty Sacred Sun to find Jeramiah, Kendra, Donavin and a Fae in the seating area by the front of Sacred Sun. Does Kendra know of the company she keeps? I walked their direction and they each looked up.

“Where have you been?” Donavin asked.

“I was here the entire time perched on the rooftop. Keeping guard.” I replied.

“Well you missed out on a lot of fun.” Donavin stated.

Now I recognize the Fae. If Lady Leona of the Fae was with them they now knew the truth. The Fae can never keep their mischievous mouths shut. Troublesome beings. Still better her tell them of the battles ahead than I.

I rested both hands on my hips and gave them all a stern glare. Kendra was a witch I’m sure they knew by now but nothing much deterred me from leading Donavin on his quest He would need as many allies as he could gather. Even if some of them happened to be the Fae..

“While all of you were busy enjoying yourselves inside over fifty slivers, hordes of high ranking demons, black elves and their leader Abaddon were outside across the street waiting for a chance to advance on Sacred Sun.” I nearly shouted.

“The time has come to rally the clans and go find the Key of Fates. Abaddon must be stopped.” I told them sternly.

“What is the Key of Fates?” Donavin asked.

“I thought it was a myth but legend states that the weilder of the Key can change the fates towards good or bad. I agree we must seek the Key of Fates. We will need it for the times that follow as Lady Leona has proven happen even now.” Jeramiah answered Donavin.

One by one their smiles faded and  they sat there in silence. Lady Leona broke the silence first.

“Abaddon the Fallen is leading the rebellion?” Leona asked.

“Yes” I replied coldly

“Abaddon one of the most powerful of the Fallen angels. The only one who has defeated Archangel Michael in the past. It appears he has the support of every dark being  firmly wrapped around his finger and under his control. The time for training is over. Pack whatever you feel you will need on this dangerous quest. We leave within the hour.” I stated.

With those last words everyone stood up. The mission was clear. I only hope we survive what comes next.


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