Change of Plan

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It was day three within the Spirit Garden and the Rebirth festival was almost over. To say the whole festival for me was mental exhausting would be an understatement. My head ached constantly with everything that I had gotten myself into, let alone the events and everything else before that. Fortunately, the Royals, including myself, will leave tomorrow and all will be forgotten... Hopefully.

The event with Ash was burnt into my mind throughout the night, his touch and lips relapsing into my thoughts every now and then. "I know it was an accident but that was pretty alright."
"You're lucky I was sleeping. I would've taken that opportunity so quickly..."
"Foaris! Calm down! We don't want to cause a royal civil war just yet! We still have to keep it secret!"
"When your father comes into your chamber and sees you and Ash... dancing... don't blame me okay?"
"I'm kidding... or am I?"
"Haha... poor innocent Aurora."

We were talking to each other as I got dressed, already smelling breakfast from corridors away. My robes were pastel this time, perfect with my hair and eyes. The sound of another door in front of me caught my attention. Ash wandered outside, rubbing his face and running a hand through his hair. He wore black robes but it was extremely loose because of the way he had tied it. Laughing at his suffering, I moved forward and came up to him, wrapping my arms around him and making him freeze.

"Miss me?" I said, his hand slowly arching backwards to touch my head. I could feel his body heat radiating off his pale skin. He hummed in response. "Not much of a morning person, are you?"
"Not really."
"Come on. Let's go get some breakfast." I mumbled, letting go of him. "But first... those robes..." Tugging on the material, I crossed it over his torso, making sure I covered my mark well underneath his robes. "Even I know this, Ash. Look... put this there and then pull it around you. Don't just leave it there." I pulled and fastened it, looking up at him with victory. "There. All done!" Ash's eyes stared into mine as his head craned down slightly to look at me. He smiled. "All done."

Walking through the corridors and avoiding all royal eyesight, we snacked on the leftover Turkish Delights from the night before. "I'm not really bothered about breakfast, if I'm honest. It's just like the same thing, isn't it?"
"Yeah... I could agree."


"... are you still a bit upset with me about last night?"
"No, why?"
"Oh... I just thought that you were still angry."
"Why would you think that?"
"I don't know it's just that... it's pretty strict and everything within the Kingdoms so I thought you would report me for indecency or something."
"Oh... is it because of marriage and things like that?"
"Yeah... they want me to marry another Vampire when I don't want to do that. 18 isn't the age for marriage."

I still hadn't forgot the Mad King's comment within the Council meeting about me being married off. Tradition still rules over everyone, I guess. We approached the large room but to our surprise...

The dining hall was too quiet.

Everyone sat at the huge table and looked at each other in confusion as a Delegate walked into room, scroll in hand. The atmosphere was tense, everyone freezing still. "What are they doing here?"
"I have no idea, Aurora. Stay quiet."
The Bermudan Delegate was far from where he needed to be. He should of been in Bermuda, serving Adimus as if his life depended on it. He shouldn't be here at all.

"Her Majesty, Ruler and Empress of the Bermudan Kingdom as well as His Majesty, Prince Orpheus has passed away."

The room was so silent that my blinking and heartbeat seemed to pound like drums in my head. I rubbed the soft silk of my robes together but the sound of sandpaper pierced the air instead. Everyone was in shock, the world standing still for eternity before I turned my head Ash. He stood there in disbelief. "What?" He mouthed to me. "What happened?"
"Adimus. Surely."
"... Is that why he was away? We would've of got told the second she died."
"I don't know."
I looked around at the Royals and their faces were pale white, eyes wide and mouths open. "What is going on here?" I thought, "There must be more to it."

The rest of meal went on in almost silence. They were almost like robots as they ate, nobody talking to each other. Two Royals in one day was unheard of, let alone two extremely powerful and important royals. Bermuda was essentially to heart of the Kingdoms.

Our first statement after the announcement was that we had to leave the Spirit Garden and return home, the threat of an attack looming too near our heads to risk anything. So we did. I got dressed, said our goodbyes and Ash followed me until we reached the dock again, the boat already waiting for us to get on. They didn't tell us anything about what would happen in the future but we all knew that it would be bad. Adimus would be left to rule over Bermuda with no other heir and it would eventually go really bad really quickly. The boat ride was silent, the sound of the water splashing against the oars the only sound helping me not feel extremely uncomfortable. "This is going to be really bad."

And it was really bad.

The title of the news segment couldn't of been clearer. "DPA to be initiated amidst supernatural sightings." It was a huge slap in the face, reminding of the news articles whilst I was at the Nest. "The Nest..."
"Don't think about it now, Aurora. Focus."
"Right, right. Thanks. What do you think they're going to do now? It's not like they weren't active before."
"They've been operating in secret for at least 75 years, Aurora. It isn't anything new. Many of my hosts before had been caught by them... All of them haven't made it."
"... do you want to say anything about it?"
"... I'd rather not."
I bit my lip, looking at the fuzzy images of Angel wings and blurs of black shadows. "Whether they were dangerous or not, they could still be captured by them." I thought, opening my right hand to show the black symbols etched on my skin. "And as a royal, I should protect those who can't protect themselves."

We were supposed to stay here until all dangers are clear. I didn't know if they knew what they were doing. Sighing, I began to walk up the stairs, fatigue aching at my legs from walking so much. "So we just stay here now?"
"Just for the time being. I don't there are going to be any issues but we might as well hide here for now."
"What about the Queen?"
"... I'm not sure. I think Adimus wouldn't be as sad as we think he is. He sure does like that throne. He has managed to convince himself that he will give over his throne only for the Prophecy."
"He sure has one strong set of values, that's for sure."

"Your Majesty? YOUR MAJESTY?!"

The noise in the room had instantly quietened and we all turned out heads to see Jay looking out the windows. "What is that?" I heard one girl say as she ran to the windows. Eventually, a huge commotion had gathered around the window. They were yelling and screaming. "Check it out, now!"

I ran and barged the doors open, the air hitting my face. The sea waves could be heard from here and the forest loomed over me. "Need to go higher." I thought as my wings appeared and I flapped them with all my might, rocketing me in the air. My white dress was soft against my skin, blowing in the wind. Scanning the surroundings, I almost missed something just above the wall of trees.

"What is that?"
"Oh Gods..."
It was grey and very big, a small red, white and blue flag flying on it. "Foaris?!"

Foaris was quiet.


"...They're here."
"Who? Who's here?!"
"The DPA. That's their ship... I still remember..."
"What do I do?!"
"I... I... I don't know..."

I felt her twitch in anger, as if her memories had been awoken.

"... you have to protect those who can't protect themselves."

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