okuyasu - sweet summer treats

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"Okuyasuuuu!" You groaned out, still fervently flapping your little paper fan at the taller boy's face as you laid across the bed. "When can I stop? My arm's tired." Okuyasu looked up at you from where he was sitting on the floor, blinking at you before remembering to answer. "Never! You're like my personal fan!" He said with a goofy grin. You deadpanned, dropping the fan on his head, causing the young Nijimura to whine from the loss of cool air.

Today was one of the hottest days Morioh had ever faced. Summer vacation had just started and already you were starting to wish to go back to school. At least there they had air conditioning. Most air conditioning wasn't working at the moment due to a fluke in a popular brand of AC. Until everyone got their compensation AC, only those without this specific type of air conditioning could survive the heat. Today was too hot to go outside just yet, so you were watching Okuyasu play video games while occasionally joining, only to be beaten and eventually throw the controller in a heat induced anger. You didn't know when you started fanning him, but once you stopped, Okuyasu would give you a very demanding look.

"Do you think the ice cream place is open today?" He asked, pausing his game. You thought for a second, trying to remember the hours for the popular ice cream parlor you both loved visiting. "Uhh, I think so? We probably shouldn't go though, lots of people will be there, and the ice cream might be all melty.." You went on, listing every con to going. Okuyasu groaned and leaned back, his head nearly bonking yours. He looked at you. You looked at him. You both continued the look off until you both burst into a fit of giggles. It was so dumb, but that was what made it funny. Then, Okuyasu had an idea mid-giggle.

"Wait, (Y/N)! Your Stand! It changes stuff, right?" He asked curiously, his eyes glittering with excitement. You raised an eyebrow. True, your Stand, 「 BLACK PARADE 」 had the ability to alter objects, but sizes and weight wasn't where it ended. If you had drank enough water that day, you could also control the value of an object. A 100 yen coin would change into a 1000 yen bill, a worthless piece of imitation gold into actual gold, soggy bland noodles into restaurant quality udon, the list went on. It's appearance was of a lean male figure, with a dark grey base and ebony markings all around it, while perched on it's head was a tall marching band hat, complete with a black feather poking out the top. It also wore what appeared to be a black cape too, billowing behind it menacingly.

"Oku, what're you getting at?" You asked, sitting up criss cross with your arms resting on your knees. "Well, I was thinking, what if we threw some ground up ice and sugar together and got your Stand to make the quality better? Then we could have ice cream here!" He said with the excitement of before still shining brightly. You were surprised though. Okuyasu's idea wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was brilliant! Sharing in the grinning with Oku, your Stand came out by itself, hearing a purpose for itself being mentioned. "Ok! Let's go into town and get the ice, then we'll be ready to make some ice cream!" You declared, hopping off the bed and scrambling to get your shoes on. You never felt so excited to buy ice before.

Okuyasu watched you run around trying to find your shoes, cursing when you accidentally smacked your shin right on the door as you scrambled around. After mourning the loss of your shin for a minute, you got back up and found your shoes. Slipping them on, you ran back into the room to see Okuyasu already having his shoes on. "Took you long enough." He chuckled, his raspy laugh sending chills up and down your spine. Admittedly, you really liked Okuyasu, but he was probably too dense to realize it. That, or maybe he just didn't think of you the same way. Even if he didn't have the feelings for you like you did for him, you were just glad he was one of your best friends. 

Shoes on and sweater long discarded, you and Okuyasu began your trek to the nearby market store. You would have taken Okuyasu's motorcycle, but as fate would have it, the tank was empty and using the reserve gas wasn't worth it for ice. Plus, there wasn't any room for a bag of ice. You two figured that if you walked quick enough (running was practically a death sentence from the heat), the ice wouldn't be too melty by the time you got back. With your Stand still out, you were relieved to see that it had taken the paper fan with it and transitioned the small, flimsy paper fan into a large fancy fan, blowing cool air into you and Okuyasu's faces as you walked. Thank god there weren't that many Stand users in Morioh or they'd probably be so confused.

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