{10} Girls really are stupid

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The girls all squeal.

"He's here!" Raven whispers, nudging Clarke

"Yes I know, now shh."

Clarke gets up of the couch, fixes her dress and walks to the door. The door was only 5 steps away but to Clarke it felt like a lifetime before she finally reached the door. She was excited and nervous all at once. Her heart was beating so loud she swore Octavia and Raven could here it.

"Come on Clarke. Don't make him wait." Octavia whines

"I'm going I'm going. Jeez"

Clarke opens the door slowly. When she opens the door she shocked by what she sees, he doesn't see Bellamy. She looks around the yard quickly and still doesn't see Bellamy.

"Who are you." Clarke asks

"Hello, I'm Sterling. I'm Bellamy's friends from the hospital. He sent me to pick you up because he has a surprise for you."

"Bellamy told me he was picking me up. He didn't mention any of this.." Clarke mentions

"That's the point of a surprise ma'am."

"I don't know... I kinda just want Bellamy to come and bring me to the surprise." Clarke was very confused at this point

"Look I have texts from Bellamy himself asking me to do this."

Sterling shows Clarke the texts.

Seeing the texts make Clarke calm down and believe that what Sterling is saying is true.

"Okay let's go."

Clarke walks out of the house with Sterling. They walk down the driveway and get into his car.

"So where are we going? I didn't see an address in the texts."

"Bellamy did want you to know where I'm taking you so I deleted the text with the address."

"Oh okay. Makes sense."

They've been in the car for 15 minutes when Clarke sees the sign that says their leaving town. At this point Clarke becomes nervous and scared.

"Where are we going. I don't care that Bellamy didn't want me to know tell me."

Sterling just laughs. "Girls really are stupid aren't they? Did you really believe those texts were real?"

"What?" Clarke questions

Suddenly someone from the back seat is taping Clarke's mouth shut. Sterling locks the doors and pulls over.

"Bring him out boys." Sterling yells

Suddenly Clarke's heart drops and she feels tears well up in her eyes. Two people bring Bellamy out of the back of the car. He has blood, dried and fresh, all over his face. He has a black eye, a cut lip and scratches all over his face. His nice 9.5 tux is now ripped and bloody. When Bellamy looks up and sees Clarke he tried to fight against the restraints but it's no use.

"Fight all you want Bellamy, your not getting out of those." Sterling laughs "now, here's how tonight is going to go."

Sterling pulls out a gun and points it at Clarke. Clarke whimpers through the tap. Bellamy yells at them to stop but he's punched in the face.

"Bellamy, your going to do whatever I tell you to do and both you and Clarke will walk away from this at sunrise. Or you can fight against me and not listen to me and I shoot clarke in the head and let you live with the pain of knowing your the reason she's dead. It's your choice."

"Fine Fine. I'll do whatever you want me to do just please don't hurt Clarke." Bellamy pleads

"Good. Boys go clean him up. I'm gonna talk to clarke for a little."

"I swear to god if you hurt her." Bellamy shouts


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