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Bottom Baku

I groaned in pain as I came to my senses. I was in a dark room with no windows or visable doors. I tried to move around but found I was bound to a mattress on the floor.
"Haaa?! The fuck is this?!?!?!!?" I shouted. I went to activate my quirk but there was no explosion.
My heart started pounding.
Why won't my quirk work?!?!??!
I heard an unlatching noise directly in front of me.
"Well well well~~ if it isn't Katsuki Bakugo~" an old, drawling voice said.
I struggled against my restraints.
The voice chuckled. "Just as feisty as I've heard~"
He walked up to me and leaned over me.
"Let's have some fun shall we?~" The man said, holding a syringe of some type of glowing pink liquid.

Deku winced. "I don't know!!!! I just went to get him for the trip and he was gone!!!!"
Bakugo, the love of my life, my precious violent boi, where are you?!!??!
"WE HAVE TO LOOK FOR HIM!!!!!" I yelled.
Iida looked startled. "Absolutely not!!! We must leave this to the teachers!!"
"WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO TELL THE TEACHERS!!!!!!! HE'S PROBABLY BEING TORTURED BY THE L.O.V. RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" I was panicking, tears where about to start pouring from my cheeks.
"I agree with Kirishima-Kun!!!" Deku said, standing up. "We have to save Kacchan!!!"

                ○•~•○Timeskip time○•~•○

We stood outside on an old abandoned detention center.
"This is it." I said to Todoroki, Deku, Uraraka and Iida, "let's go save Bakugo."

There was a loud explosion sound to my right side.
I slowly opened my eyes to see shitty hair untieing me.
"O-Oi." I growled the best I could. "The fuck are........ you d-doing?....."
He looked at me and smiled like a doofus. "We're saving you bro!!!!" He picked me up and held me like a princess. "I GOT HIM, LETS GO!!!!!!"
I heard a chorus of "yes"'s and suddenly we where running. Well, Kirishima was running, i was trying not to pass out again.
As soon as we walked into the dorms I started to feel hot and fuzzy.
Kirishima looked down at me.
"Woah bro.... you ok? Your all flushed......."
I groaned. "Just..... take me to my room shitty hair......."
He nodded and licked me up piggyback style.
"Up to the 4th floor!!!"
I groaned in response.
He got into the elevator and hit the button.
"H-hey..... Bakugo?" He said.
I hummed, my cheek on his shoulder & my eyes closed.
"Wh-What's poking my back?" He said in a flustered tone.
It was only then I realized I had a throbbing boner.
I stayed silent, not wanting to admit I was extreamly horny.
"Shutup shitty hair." I mumbled as the elevator door opened.
He walked out and into my dorm.
Shitty hair set me down and glanced at my croch, blushing.
"Oi. The fuck you looking at?." I said, only becoming more hot and fuzzy.
"N-Nothing." He replied, avoiding eye contact.
He went to leave.
"Oi." I grabbed his wrist.
He looked at me. "Yeah Baku??"
"Fuck me."
He flushed as red as his hair. "Wh-What?!"
"Fuck me goddamnit!!!" I yelled, being needy because I was so damn hard I was nearly in pain.
He looked at me, and slowly crawled over me.
I yanked his face down connecting our lips.
His hand traveled down my side and slid to my throbbing member.
His cold hand slipped into my boxers and he stroaked my member lightly, causing me to shiver and grip his biceps.
"F-Fuck Kiri~" I breathed, my eyes closing in pleasure.
I felt him start to kiss, nibble and bite my neck as he continued stroaking me.
My hand went up and gripped his hair as I moaned lightly, my entire body heating up more.
Kiri bit down hard and I moaned loudly.
I felt a little blood trickle down my neck, but Kiri licked it up.
"St-Stop fucking t-teasing......" i said, practically whimpering.
"Whatever you say Bakugo~" he suddenly stripped us both of clothing and shoved his fingers in my mouth.
"Suck." He ordered and I happily obeyed as he kitty licked my tip.
He suddenly took his fingers out of my mouth and shoved them in my ass.
I gasped. "F-fUCk!!!~~" I moaned.
He started parting his fingers and thrusting them, making me moan and pant.
He shifted and whispered huskally into my ear; "Bakugo, I wanna hear you beg~"
"K-Kirishima~~ please!~" I pleaded through moans, "f-fuck me!!~"
Kiri bit my ear. "Anything for you baby~"
He took out and lined up with my entrance.
"Are you-"
"Just fuck mEE!!~~" I interrupted, but in the middle of my sentence he thrusted into me.
He clicked his tounge. "Naughty boy~" he started thrusting fast and rough, making me moan loudly and my back to arch.
"M-Man Bakugo!! Y-Your so tight!~" he said, starting to kiss and bite my neck again.
I was in so much pleasure I could barely speak.
He raised my legs onto his shoulders to thrust deeper, causing me to moan louder and grip the sheets.
"K-Ki-Kiri- I'm c-cuming!!!!~" I moaned as I came all over my chest and face, Kirishima cuming in me a few thrusts later.
He slowed to a stop as we both panted heavily.
He pulled out and picked me up. "Let's take a bath together."
He carried me to the bathroom, set me on the toilet and started a bubble bath.
As the water ran he turned to me and kissed me sweetly.
After the bath was ready he helped me in, then got in behind me.
He wet my hair and washed me up, massaging my back, shoulders and sides so that I wouldn't be as sore tomorrow. He got out and grabbed us towels.
When we where dried, dressed and snuggling on my bed, I looked at him.
"I love you, Ejiro."

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