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Just a filler chapter:
Zabdiel and I walked through the small boutique, I asked him to keep his distance so I can pick what I needed in peace. "Te recomiendo que compres muchos vestidos. Aquí siempre hace calor." The old lady said and she followed me around the boutique, she was trying to be cheery and helpful since she knows Zabdiel and his reputation. This is a vintage styled boutique and these are things I never really had in my closet but I was loving everything. "Gracias." I smiled softly which she returned. I glanced at Zabdiel and he was in the lingerie section, I rolled my eyes and I looked through the dresses. There was a few I did like so I put them in the basket. I moved towards the jeans and the shirts. I even got some shoes and I wanted to annoy Zabdiel by getting the whole store but I know he wouldn't have minded which ticked me off. I went to the lingerie section where Zabdiel was still at. "How about this, this looks nice." He showed me these lace black thongs.

"Did you know women who wear lace underwear have a high chance of getting a yeast infection. Those are ugly too. Put them back." I told him and he rolled his eyes. "You're no fun." He muttered and walked to put them away. I grabbed the packets that had cotton underwear because that's all I needed. I didn't need thongs or anything else. I found bras my size too and we were at the register paying. The lady let me change into one of the dresses I bought along with some shoes. I was thankful because I was so done with wearing Zabdiel's big clothes.

I didn't want to listen to how much it was because it'll make me feel bad. "I picked out some things for you too, ya know to wear." He said as he drove. "It better not be those thongs because I will throw them away." I said. He chuckled and shook his head. "No it's not clothes, they're more like accessories." He said. We reached a stop light, he grabbed into a bag in the back seat and he took something out. He handed whatever it was to me. I looked at what it was and it was sunglasses, they were heart shaped and they looked super cute. "Oh thanks. They look cute." I said as I slid them onto my face.

"Dejame ver tu cara." He said and I turned to him, he smiled "Te ves tan hermosa." He said before driving again. I quickly looked away so I can hide my blush. The sun was setting and I looked out the window as we passed by little stores. Puerto Rico is a very beautiful country, from what I have seen so far. It's still scary for me but I ignored it. Zabdiel told me we had one more stop which doesn't involve picking up my medication, I mumbled an okay and I double checked to make sure I got everything I needed today, I don't know when I'll get the chance to go to the shops again.

Before we even got my baking necessities and my clothes, Zabdiel took me to his doctor. He gave me a physical and he went through the file Zabdiel gave him. Zabdiel hasn't had a chance to go through the file and the doctor just looked through my medical needs, "No sientes dolor en tus caderas apretadas? Necesitas medicación para ellos?" He asked and "Cuando camino por mucho tiempo empiezan a doler." Zabdiel looked confused as to why I would have pain on my hips but he didn't ask.

He stopped at the pharmacy because my medication was ready, we walked in the small pharmacy and he bought me an ice cream since it was hot outside, it's odd that a gang leader and drug lord can live such a normal life running errands. "Que linda pareja." The lady at the register said as Zabdiel ate some of my ice cream. I didn't want to share but he was being annoying so I let him have some.

When we entered the car I was so happy I got my inhaler. The first thing I did was shake the green piece of plastic and I took the medicine. I took a deep breath and I exhaled, my chest felt so much better than before. "Do we still have one more stop?" I asked and Zabdiel nodded, we stopped outside a vet clinic and I was confused as to why we would stop here. Then it hit me, my dogs. Joel said he gave Zabdiel my dogs, I haven't seen them. Did he give them away? Did he kill them? What did he do to my dogs? We stepped out the car but I didn't know what to tell him. I was too scared to ask.

Zabdiel just waltzed right in, that's what he does no matter where we go. "Quiero recoger a mis dos perros, Nugget y Pumpkin." He said and my eyes widened, those are my dogs. I looked at Zabdiel after the nurse lady nodded in fear and she left. "You have my dogs, oh my god I miss them." I told Zabdiel and he just smiled, i noticed He like watching me when i seemed happy but then my mood will quickly die down. The nurse lady came back with my dogs tied up on leashes. They were nice and behaved good like always.

I gasped and I went on my knees to call them over they saw me and they got all excited. They pulled the poor nurse and she let go. "Hola mis bebes, te extraño mucho." I said as they tried to jump on me. Pumpkin was so close to dropping me but Zabdiel managed to catch me. Zabdiel thanked the lady and he grabbed Pumpkins leash while I grabbed Nugget. "I didn't think you were going to keep my dogs." I told him as we walked out. Pumpkin sat on my feet while Nugget was on my lap. "They didn't have all of their shots so I wanted to make sure they had everything." He said and I nodded. "I'm a big dog lover." He said as he patted nuggets head, "I kind of want to train Pumpkin to be a good guard dog, she's too sweet." He finished, "I don't want her to be like that." I argued. "Look it'll be fine, she'll still be sweet but she'll be outside making sure you're okay when I'm not here." He said, "She already does that." I said. "plus she's a house dog, I don't want her to sleep outside. Same as Nugget. They're both trained so it's fine if they are inside." I said as I rubbed behind nuggets ear. "fine but I don't want them in our room." He said and I rolled my eyes.
Zabdiel left to shower and I was already laying in bed, I heard Nugget whimper as he scratched the door. Pumpkin was more chill. I debated if I should basically tell Zabdiel to fuck himself and sleep on the bed with my clean dogs or if I should obey like a nice little housewife to be. But I got up and I opened the door, I carried Nugget since Pumpkin was too heavy for me and I snuggled with him in bed as Pumpkin got on my feet. She liked it like that better. My dogs fell asleep and I pretended to fall asleep too. I heard the bathroom door open, Zabdiel's footsteps came closer and closer. It was dark so he couldn't see my dogs, then Nugget sneezed and Zabdiel said bless you, thinking it was me. I tried not to laugh as I continued to try to fall asleep.

He layed in bed and his leg touched mine which definitely meant he touch Pumpkin as well. "Hijo de puta." He muttered. "Bella." He tried to shake me, "Leave me alone." I muttered, "I told you that I didn't want the dogs in here." He said, "Well if you don't like it then you can sleep somewhere else." I said and I turned, he turned on the lamp by this time. I faced him and I had Nugget in my arms, "Mira Zab, how can you say no to that face." I said as I lifted Nugget slightly, Nugget yawned and moved under the blanket to join Pumpkin. "That doesn't work on me. I like dogs but I could care less." He said, I glared at him.

"What if I...give you a kiss and I'll bake your favorite treat tomorrow." I tried to reason. He smirked, "Okay now we're talking." He said. "They can sleep here every night, if you give me a goodnight kiss every night." He said. "Fine." I said. He smiled and I sat up to give him a kiss. "Buenas noches princesa." He said, "Goodnight, Zabdiel." I said as he pulled me closer to him with my back against his chest.