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Before Aurora even knew it, Christmas had come around. The thoughts of Malfoy and the secret wardrobe were way in the back of her head after she sent a letter to Harry explaining what she had seen. Now, her thoughts were on the fact that she was spending Christmas without her father.

Yeah, she had spent Christmas without him whilst he was locked away in Azkaban, but it's a different feeling when you can't even send the person a card in the Owl Post. When you spend the Christmas prior with said person and now all of the sudden they aren't there anymore.

Molly Weasley decided to host Christmas at the Burrow. Inviting all of the close family which of course included Aurora, Harry, Remus and Tonks. 

The black haired witch stood in the Burrow's kitchen with Ron and Harry. The two boys were peeling a mountain full of sprouts for Mrs Weasley whilst Aurora finished with the potatoes (of course cheating slightly by using her wand).

"So, Snape was offering to help him?" Ron asked for the millionth time causing both Harry and Aurora to let out groans of annoyance, "He was definitely offering to help him?"

"If you ask that once more," Harry said looking serious, "I'm going to stick this sprout--"

"I'm only checking!" Ron interrupted, lifting his hands in the air slightly.

"Ron, I wasn't there and even I know that Snape was offering to help him," Aurora commented with a roll of her eyes causing the red haired boy to sheepishly grin.

Harry nodded, "He said he'd promised Malfoy's mother to protect him," Harry explained, glancing between the pair, "That he'd made an Unbreakable Oath or something--"

"An Unbreakable Vow?" Aurora asked walking closer to the two boys. She knew that Snape was protecting Malfoy from carrying a task out set by Voldemort (since she was the first one Harry told) but she didn't think it would have been as serious as an Unbreakable Vow.

"He can't have," Ron mumbled, "An Unbreakable Vow? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," Harry nodded, glancing between Aurora and Ron, "Why, what does it mean?"

Ron scratched the back of his neck, "Well, you cant break an Unbreakable Vow...."

Harry snorted, "I'd worked that much out for myself, funnily enough," He commented, "What happens if you break it, then?"

"You die," Aurora told him sincerely.

Ron nodded, "Fred and George once tried to get me to make one when I was about five," Ron said with a reminiscent gleam in his eyes, "I nearly did, too, I was holding hands with Fred and everything when dad found us. He went absolutely mental. Only time I've ever seen dad as angry as mum. Fred reckons his left buttock has never been the same since."

Aurora snorted at the story whilst Harry tried to hide his laughter.

"Yeah well, passing over Fred's left buttock--"

"I beg your pardon?" interrupted Fred's voice as the twins entered the kitchen and looked confused between the two boys, confused as to why they were talking about his left buttock, "Aaah, George, look at this. They're using knives and everything. Bless them."

"I'll be seventeen in two and a bit months time," Ron said grumpily, "And then I'll be able to do it by magic!"

"Yeah, but you'll still need someone looking over you," Fred snorted, "Like Aurora is doing now."

Aurora rolled her eyes but let a laugh slip pass her lips. She moved away from the two sixteen year olds and plopped herself down at the kitchen table as Fred did the same thing.

George walked around the table, close to Ron, "Meanwhile, we can enjoy watching you demonstrate the correct use of a -whoops -a - daisy."

"You made me do that!" Ron yelled angrily, placing the knife down as he grabbed a spare rag and placed it on his cut thumb whilst George laughed and sat down at the kitchen table, "You wait, when I'm seventeen--"

"I'm sure you'll dazzle us all with hitherto unsuspected magical skills," Fred commented sarcastically as he leaned back in his chair before he swung his arm over Aurora's chair, placing his hand on her opposite shoulder casually.

"And speaking of hitherto unsuspected skills, Ronald," George said, "What is this we hear from Ginny about you and a young lady called - unless our information is faulty - Lavender Brown?"

Aurora raised her eyebrow as she turned to look at Ron, who turned a slight shade of pink as he turned his attention back to the sprouts, "Mind your own business," He grumbled.

"What a snappy retort," Fred commented with a cheeky smile on his face, "I really don't know how you think of them. No, what we wanted to know was... how did it happen?"

"What do you mean?" Ron asked looking up at his brother.

"Did she have an accident or something?"


"Well, how did she sustain such extensive brain damage?" Fred snorted before yelling, "Careful now!" As Ron chucked a knife towards the twin just as Mrs Weasley walked into the kitchen.

Fred quickly turned the knife into a paper aeroplane with a quick flick of his wand, just centimetres before it connected with his shoulder; the shoulder closest to Aurora.

"Ron!" Mrs Weasley yelled furiously, "Don't you ever let me see you throwing knives again!"

"I won't," Ron said, "Let you see," He added under his breath as he turned back to the large stack of sprouts. Aurora heard his little comment as did Harry and the pair couldn't help but snigger.

"Fred, George, I'm sorry, dears, but Remus is arriving tonight, so Bill will have to squeeze in with you two."

"No problem," George shrugged.

"Then, as Charlie isn't coming home, that just leaves Harry and Ron in the attic, and if Fleur shares with Aurora and Ginny--"

"That'll make Ginny's Christmas," Aurora commented under her breath so only Fred could hear causing him to laugh before the couple turned their attention back to Mrs Weasley.

"--everyone should be comfortable. Well, they'll have a bed," Mrs Weasley finished.

"Percy definitely not showing his ugly face then?" George asked.

Mrs Weasley turned her head away as she answered, "No, he's busy, I expect, at the Ministry."

"Or, he's the world's biggest prat," Fred said as Mrs Weasley turned around and left the kitchen quickly, "One of the two. Well, let's get going, then, George, Aurora."

"Where are you three off too?" Ron asked, "Can't you help with these sprouts? You could use your wand and then we'll be free, too!"

George snorted, "If Aurora didn't do that, what makes you think that we will?" He asked as he stood up off his chair, Fred and Aurora following his actions. 

"Exactly," Fred nodded, "Plus, it's very character-building stuff, learning to peel sprouts without magic, makes you appreciate how difficult it is for Muggles and Squibs."

"And if you want people to help you, Ron," Aurora added, throwing the paper aeroplane at the youngest red haired boy, "I wouldn't chuck knives at them. Just a little hint."

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