Chapter 20

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I groaned and rolled over in the bed. My hand slid across the cool silk that covered the bed. I pulled the duvet up closer to cover my shoulders from the morning cold that swept thru the large house. My hand continued to feel the sheets beneath me, looking for a certain warmth only another human being can give.

My hand skimmed the bed, finally landing on a warm arm under the comforter. The arm twitched and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer. I scoot myself under David's arm, accepting the warmth I had been craving.

David lifted himself up a little, giving me a little space to put myself under him while he lay himself between my legs. His head lay on my chest, arms around my body. I sighed contently, smiling because I was with David. He huffed lightly, getting comfortable.

I gently placed my hands in his hair and massaged his scalp. He let out a long sigh, telling me it felt good. I chuckled, it being slightly funny that he was enjoying it.

"Keeping doing that please." David said, more mumbled because his head was buried into my chest. I giggled and poked his head.

"We have to get up silly. It's almost noon and you gotta finish editing." I said. He groaned and stuffed his face deeper, going down to my stomach and pulling my shirt over his head. I pushed his head away and sat up slightly.

"Come on. Get up!" I said. He groaned again and this time went into the fetal position. I huffed and grabbed a pillow and hitting him with it.

"Hey! That wasn't nice." He said sitting up. His lip pouted and he crossed his arm. He pouted like a toddler that was told no. I leaned forward and kissed his pouty lips. He instantly smiled into the kiss and grabbed my face in his hands. I pulled away slightly but he captured my lips and pulled me closer.

I moaned slightly when he swiped his tongue over my bottom lip. I granted access, toying with his tongue with my own. He pushed me down, slowly getting on top of me. He lifted my legs up to wrap around his waist and I obliged. I broke the kiss before it got to heated.

He whined and slumped all his weight down onto me and I huffed, his weight crushing me.

"Get off me." I said breathlessly. He chuckled and forced himself off the bed. I got up and stood in front of him. I kissed his cheek and walked to the bathroom.

"Come on, you gotta get ready." I said. I walked into the bathroom and opened the door for him. I went to the sink and turned it on. Grabbing my toothbrush, I applied a little toothpaste to my brush and began cleaning my teeth.

David came up from behind me, leaning his chin on my shoulder and watching my brush my teeth. I stopped for a second, turning my head and kissing his cheek, leaving him toothpaste on his cheek.

He laughed and whipped it off, going to the sink next to me and cleaning it off

He began brushing his own teeth. I finished doing my business and walked out of the bathroom and to the kitchen. I pulled out two red bulls and cracked mine open. Taking a seat on the couch, I turned the t.v on. David came out from the hallway and sat next to me. I gave him his red bull and he generously kissed my cheek.

"Come on dork. Get some work done." I said handing him his laptop.


After david was done editing, we decided to go and get something to eat. Pulling up to chick-fil-A, we got out and went inside.

"Hi! welcome to chick-fil-A! What may I get started for you?" The perky girl behind the counter asked. I smiled and looked at David waiting for him to order.

"I'll have the spicy chicken sandwich deluxe. Medium please." She typed down he order and looked back up at David.

"What would you like t- wait. Aren't you David Dobrik?" She asked. Davids frown faltered for a second, quickly picking himself back up. He smiled and nodded his head and she squealed.

"Oh my god! I'm such a big fan of your vlogs!" She said fanning herself. she reached over the counter and put her hand on top of his. He quickly pulled away and looked at me, silently looking at me for help.

"Thank you! It's nice to meet people who watch my vlogs." He said looking back at her.

"Can I get a quick picture?" She asked. David looked at my from the corner of his eye, This time begging for help. I jumped in.

"Sorry, but were just trying to eat right now." I said kindly. Her face turned to me, a scowl evident on her face. I looked back at her, smiling.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" She asked. My face went from smiling to rest bitch face in a second.  I stepped up to the counter and put my hands on it, leaning so that she may hear me clearly.

"I believe I am a paying customer just like David here." I said pointing to him. "We are here to eat without any distractions. So if you'd kindly make his drink a coke and get me a number three, twelve piece with a lemonade, I'd really appreciate it." I said as kindly as possible.

Her face turned red as she placed my order. She quickly mustered herself up once the manager came out from the back. "Would you like and sauce with that?" She said in her fake perky voice.

"Yes. Some chick-fil-A sauce will do. Thanks." I said. "Oh, and we will be having it to go." I added.

She nodded her head slowly. I gave her a twenty dollar bill and told her to keep the change. She gave me my receipt and drinks and we walked off to the side. I huffed, leaning against the condiments counter an tying my hair up.

"Wow Salem. Thank you." David said beside me. I giggled and looked at him, giving him a wink because we didn't want to go public yet. Our order was called and a different lady gave us our food. I politely thanked her and grabbed our bag.

David walked in front of me, opening the door and holding it open for me. "Thank you dork." I said. He laughed and walked beside me once again.

"I can't thank you enough for helping me like that. Her face was so funny." He said. I laughed and got into his Tesla. 

"I don't mind helping you in those types of situations. I know they get annoying and I know sometimes you don't have the energy to fight them. I just want to make you comfortable." I said honestly. David looked at me and smiled. He leaned over the center and captured my lips in a sweet little kiss.

I chuckled and pecked his lips a couple of times before letting him start his car and driving us back to his house.


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