Chapter 6

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Chapter Six   

    Run run Haley now! the angelic girl with the golden hair yells. My lungs ache for air as I find myself funning through a huge warehouse. Haley com’on faster! You need to run! she screams in my mind. My feet hitting the ground as I race for my life, or at least I think my life. I look around and see huge boxes whipping past me. I see the girl, her blue eyes searching for something, she is hiding between to boxes. I run as fast as I can to her.

    “Who are you?” I yell as I stand right in front of her gasping for sweet air.

    “My name is Alida.” she says her voice small and childish. “I’m your guardian.” her blue eyes sparkle as she studies me. “Haley now listen to me. Run to the exit now.”

    “wheres the exit?” I ask and turn around searching for the door. I turn back around and Alida is gone. “Where are you?” Run now! Her voice rings loud and clear in my mind.

    I bolt from behind the boxes and runn looking for the door. The cold cement making me want to stop running. I find my determinedness and run faster. The stacks of boxes flashing fast on etheir sides of me. My blonde hair getting in my face. Exit! I think as I see the sign hanging over a door. I bolt for the door before a horrible pain goes across my left side and turns my vision red. I gasp and double over. Holding my stomach tightly.

    “Stop right there.” a voice hisses I turn around slowly my breathing ragged. “You can’t go just yet.” the voice is hollow. The black haired girl looks at me her very pale ivory skin scary. Her green eyes ringed with red and slitted, curious.

    “Who are you and why do u want me.” my voice struggles caught in my throat

    “Oh I want you because you posses something I need.” her voice hollow and hissed “Oh how rude of me, my name is Lorkan, the fierce, master of the vypers.”

    I stand up straight swallowing my fear and pain as best I can “You arent that tough or fierce if you had to take my dad in order to get what I posses.” I word it carefully. It seems to insult her. Her eyes grow more red.

    “Oh little girl I cant wait to rip your throat out.” she hisses her face showing nothing but madness her hair hangs over her right eye.

    “Not before I kill you!” I shout and push my bangs out of my face. I move my eyes to see a crowbar laying behind a box near me.

    “With what? Your useless!” she shouts and laughs smiling evilly

    I run and jump behind the box and grab the crowbar. The steal heavy and cold in my hands. I press myself behind the box and see a blast of green fire hit the edge of the box setting it on fire.

    “Come out wherever you are!” she hisses “This game is boring now.”

    I jump from behind the box and I see her hands with green flames engulfing them. “There you are.” she says clear amused “Your going to try to kill me with that?”

    “I can and I will.” I shout at her. Walking towards her. A bolt of fire goes flying from her hand skimming my shoulder hungrily. I grab my shoulder.

    “Aww the wittle baby got huwt.” she says in a baby voice then her voice hardens “Tough luck.”

    “Alida I could use your protection!” I yell grabbing my arm

    Lorkans face stiffens “Who were you calling for? What was the name?”

    I regret saying it. “None of your business!”

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